Sunday, July 26, 2009

a post about poop

This was sort of a long weekend for me. Jordan went to Detroit with the guys for a few Tigers' games. He left Friday morning and the minute we (Natalie and I) shut the door, Natalie was crabby and mad. I think I gave her more spankings (that's right, we're spankers) in that day than I have this whole summer! My patience has really been tested this weekend and I think I'm usually a patient person. So what's the testing for?! I don't know if Natalie was acting up just because of Jordan being gone or if the terrible twos are now in effect. My mom noticed that she was being testy, too, so I don't think it was just me. Natalie was much better today (Sunday) up until she decided to take her poopy diaper off.... I was on the phone with Sara and doing some laundry when Natalie walked up to me with her pants and her diaper off and poop all over her butt. I went to her bedroom where she had been playing and there I found 2 terds and...


With a handful.

And a mouthful.



I was yelling into the phone (sorry Sara!), trying to clean out Ruby's mouth, and keep Natalie from touching her butt. So disgusting!! I sent Natalie to the bathroom to wait for me (thankfully she obeyed) and she was yelling to Ruby "No, no Ruby, Nay-Nay poop is yucky!" as if Ruby was naughty one. Jordan will be coming home sometime in the middle of the night and I'm hoping he returns with my sanity that he left with.


  1. Oh Lindsey do I feel your pain! While I havent had the poopy in the mouth days have been very poopy in the last few months between two pottytrainers and the darn dog. Ugh! I will so happy to be done with poop one day. LOL.

  2. Ok...that's really yucky but I understand! Morgan is going through a phase too with be a terrible two! I pray it goes by quickly. My patience with her is tested daily! I did receive a nice comment from a lady at Meijers saying "how patient I was"...good thing she didn't see me on Friday!!!!