Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Wow, it's been a while since I've last blogged. And a lot has happened since, too! We had a lot of fun with the holidays this year. Natalie and Ruby really enjoyed it and they were troopers with all of the late nights we had. And we announced that I'm pregnant again! Yep, that'll be three babies in our four years of marriage. Go ahead, do the math... it calculates :) So due to my lazy and sleepy pregnant state, enough said! Enjoy the pictures for now!

This last one is what you get when you buy the cheapest preg test there is! This is something like how the conversation went:
Jordan: "Look at the test, are you pregnant?"
Me: "Yay! We're pregnant.... right?" (hands test over to husband)
Jordan: "Well, there's a faint little line.... what's the directions say?"
Me: (fishes through the garbage to get directions then tries to explain) "I've gotta be, right? I'm tired and cranky..." (along with other non-mentionable things!)
Jordan: "Yup."
So yeah, we're pretty sure we're pregnant!!