Wednesday, December 12, 2018

White Pine Construction

After 6 (or 7?) years at Zahn Builders, and 16 years as a Carpenter, Jordan has left to be on his own!  Late summer, Jordan came home and told me from the other side of the bathroom door, 'It's Time.'  I knew what he meant because we've talked about 'this time' for years.  When, if ever, would we go on our own?  And that day, he had a feeling.  We've been trying to go by 'God's time'.  Not knowing when that would be or how we would know.  But Jordan felt it, we entertained the idea, and we started to tell some close friends.  And then consultations and business started to steadily roll in.  Jordan had work for Spring, so he spent many nights there pulling in any extra income he could.  And since we are artistic, we didn't have any idea how to go about this business-like.  So that meant many conversations with friends, a client or two, a banker, a lawyer.... and things just snowballed from there! 

We landed a main floor renovation with a sweet couple and that was the final straw - we decided to take the plunge.  And in true 'us' fashion, we waited until the last minute on everything... just coasting through as we learned.  We finally started getting a loan set up and it was official the same week Jordan was giving his notice.  He tried getting a meeting with his boss one Monday morning. Was told he would just have to give a call. Jordan insisted it required a sit-down. Was told he couldn't meet up for 2-3 weeks.  Ugh.  So then, Nov. 1, he was going to put in his notice with Chad, the general manager of the company.  And before he gets to it, Chad blows up on him.  This had never happened!  Jordan took it.  And took it as constructive criticism, even if it wasn't exactly fair.  And I think that was such an example of Jesus!  So much for quitting on those terms!  So the next day, a Friday, he goes in with the intention to quit - again - to Chad.  Chad gets to him first, requiring a meeting in the truck.  He apologizes for chewing Jordan out.  Begins to tell Jordan that it's just that they're going to be transitioning him into a bigger role at that company... more responsibility, a crew.....  Seriously?!  So Jordan interjects and shares that he is actually transitioning out!  This is where I see God having worked: Jordan has been a light to the company, sharing his faith and exemplifying it. And although it doesn't seem to have been accepted by his co-workers, they have worked alongside this 'Christian' all these years and have witnessed a modern-day Jesus lover.  The company never seemed to overly-value Jordan.  He never asked for more - ever!  And neither did he receive any special treatment.  Other employees demanded it and got it!  Now after all this time, he's being offered a promotion!  But God!  It was such confirmation all week that it was certainly time to get out.  And then this special treat of affirmation through a potential promotion!  Just in time...?  I think so!  I'm so glad Jordan got to leave on the terms of knowing he WAS valued!  And if these men, who are not believers, could finally acknowledge that in Jordan to the point of promoting him without his asking for it, then certainly God knows what he is doing as he is calling Jordan out.  I just think that's so kind of God!  Finally, Jordan's boss could meet with him the following week.  Of course he knew the news which is what Jordan had wanted.  Jordan acknowledged at the start of the meeting that they both knew why he was there.  His boss encouraged him.  Stated that he was surprised but also shared what he admired of some of Jordan's finer work and how much excellence he had seen in Jordan.  And Jordan shared how this was all a GOD thing!  That we just had to follow His lead!  It was a great meeting... he got an open invitation to sub through ZBI and that the door is open if he ever needs to come back!  Jordan thanked Tony for his employment all of these years. (Told me he even got teary-eyed).  This was one of the biggest decisions of our lives to this point!

So he had 2 weeks left.  And we only had a loan.  We set up an official business name at this time White Pine Construction and Design, LLC with White Pine Construction as an assumed name.  We hope to score White Pine Design someday!  This was one week before Jordan was officially done!  His first morning as WPC was Nov 19.  An hour after he began work, our general liability insurance was approved!  Seriously, we are so last minute! 

And now some more cool God stuff:  People keep calling!  We've had a consultation about every other week since Jordan started!  And we more fully realized how God had worked in preparation in my job at Troxel.  It was a 2018 January morning that I just felt like, 'I think there's something more for me... I think God has design in my future.'  I was in the shower and I just asked God, 'is this for me?'  And it was clear that yes!  This was a gift and talent and I felt so surely that God was saying, 'do this!'  So I talked to Jordan and said, 'I don't know how, but I'm going to get work.  I'm going to focus on this above anything during my time at home.' (Emmy was in her first year of school.)  He was for it, of course.  So I set about that day, trying to step up my marketing game.  I got on linkedin and friended a few 'random' people.  A couple hours later, I got a message from Drew at TCH.  And I knew this was it!  We met a couple times in a couple of weeks.  I got the job!  My first official job since leaving the workplace 11 years ago.  God had richly blessed all of those 'stay-at-home-mom' years!  It was something that was so important to me and He had provided for us through Jordan's job all those years.  I also always had some side job going on (massage all those years, sewing bags for 3, Norwex, Photography, Babysitting, Interior Design... he is so good!)  Back to TCH: I was to be their Client-Experience Manager.  And that included accounting (bills/lien waivers/sworn statements/budgeting), marketing (and marketing research), selections (helping the client as well as organizing incoming info.)  Every. Single. Task has further developed me for the role I will play with WPC!!  It's unreal, just so divinely orchestrated.  About 8 months into the accounting role, my boss decided to take that duty from me and in it's place, I started to meet with clients/manage selections (more in line with my passion).  But the accounting was for our WPC! 

So now we are 1 month in as official 'business owners.'  We are trying to navigate the 'business' end as well as we can.  The bookwork isn't super fun.  The estimating is hard.  But even before Jordan was finished at Zahn, we had lined up work at least through January.  One month later (currently), it seems we have work through March.  Blown away by our community of support.  We are so thankful to God, He has made this easy for us!  He has worked out the details, he has made us laugh at the clarity of His will, we are overwhelmed by His plan for us.  My prayer is that we continue to want what He wants and to do His will.  To God be the Glory!

Friday, May 12, 2017

mother's day ramblings

'A wife of noble character who can find?  She is worth far more than rubies.'  Proverbs 31:10

My father-in-law text me this verse this morning as Mother Day approaches.  And I so appreciated it.  But I really don't care for honoring myself on Mother's Day.  Typically, I try to make it like any other day because I don't feel like I need a day of recognition set aside for me.  I am extremely grateful to be a mom.  It's the best, most hardest thing I've ever done!  And in all honesty, many times I feel I'm failing.  Or drowning.  And then I read this and sarcastically think, 'Right on, King 'Lemuel'.  Who can find this kind of woman?'  (PS: the noun for wife her is translated as woman, wife, female.)  Can this type of woman even be found?!

According to Strong's concordance, virtuous/noble in hebrew/greek is 'chayil'.  A masculine noun.  And I was surprised to learn that 'chayil' is translated: a force, an army, wealth, virtue, valor, strength, might, power, riches, strong, substance, valiant, virtuous, worthy.  Who can find a woman who is truly noble:....?

So this is the typical Mother's Day for me in the last 10 years of being a mom: 

Wake up. Try to ignore that I'll be glorified for being a mom.  Try to stay humble.  Husband/kids wake up.  Makes mom feel special.  Mom begins to feel exceptional.  Mom begins to be prideful.  Church stands and applauds said mom.  Mom tears because yes, mom is pretty special.  Receive hand-made gifts from children. Mom is elated!  Mom thinks fondly of them and herself. 
Children/husband do their best to cook and clean up for mom. How sweet, mom thinks. Mom finishes the job properly, but with some unexpected reluctance because this is her day. Did the family forget?  Mom decides to lounge and nap.  Children tantalize her while husband enjoys nap.  Mom gets irritated... this is her day that's all about her!  What is wrong with children and father.  Offspring begin complaints of starvation at 2:00.  Mom begins to speak between clenched teeth to get a healthy snack - no, get whatever the heck they want.  Dinnertime, entire household needs to eat- again.  Mom's very special day that's supposed to be perfect and easy for her is ruined as she has to make dinner arrangements. No help cleaning up this time. Kitchen clean, mom mad. Kids demand bedtime snack. Argues with children to get ready for bed. Half-heartedly kisses kids goodnight. Sits on couch.  Instantly feels agitated about how much she really messed this day up.  Mom guilt sets in.  She's a failure.  Another Mother's Day that she has ruined.  Prays family won't remember this day or to honor her the following year.

True. Story.

My mind keeps going back to John 21 where Jesus reinstates Peter.  Peter had previously made big claims that he would never deny Christ!  In fact, he said he'd die for Jesus (Mark 14:31).  Peter publicly rejects Jesus' words and led the others to make similar proud vows.  After slashing off a soldier's ear in the garden (Matt. 26:51... pride comes before the fall), he denies being a follower of Jesus to a servant girl! (John 18:17... he cowers).  In John 21:15, Jesus has a conversation with Peter.  Peter had sinned publicly and as a leader of the apostles, he needed public rebuke and restoration.  I don't usually resonate with Peter as he is the bold, impulsive leader-type.  But since studying this, I've been convicted.  I am a leader in my role as mom.  And I have been prideful and have abused my authority as well.

Being a woman is HARD.  Being a wife is HARD.  Being a mom is HARD!  If you are also one of these things, maybe you'd agree!  In a culture that encourages perfection or at least feigning it, it isn't helpful when you're reminded of your natural tendencies to fail.

Peter realized that he was a mess.  He once relied on his own strength and merits.  Then he failed.  But in failing, he is met with his weakness... and Jesus' love for him meets him there.  Once Peter is humbled, he is able to serve.  He is now qualified to lead.  He is no longer prideful.  Only Jesus can give us the strength we need to lead humbly. Peter goes on to preach and lead a flock to Jesus.  And the books he wrote in the Bible continue to lead people to Christ.  What changed?  Peter got humble!  Peter received the Holy Spirit. Peter relies on Jesus' strength. And just like Peter agreed to do (die for Jesus), and Jesus affirmed would happen (John 21:18), Peter goes on to be crucified!  When Peter got humble and dependent, the Holy Spirit could accomplish an incredible legacy!  

Who doesn't want an incredible legacy?  But it's not Peter's own. It was Jesus' work through him. So bringing this back to Proverbs 31....  I guess when I read the verse, 'A woman of noble character who can find', I settle on the fact that she doesn't actually exist.  At least not on her own account.  If noble means a force, an army, wealth, virtue, valor, strength, might, power, riches, strong, substance, valiant, virtuous, worthy.... that is not what any of us can claim to have.  Only Jesus has those qualities.  But guess what?!  I have Jesus!!!  He is at the very core of who I am.  I can tap into these resources and display these qualities.  But all glory to Him and only Him!  Don't you find it funny now that the noun 'noble' is a Masculine One in this verse when referring to a woman?!  We alone as women can not take credit for these qualities expressed in this Proverb.  But we can hold to it as we rely on Jesus to sustain us.  We are not an army, but we belong to one!  We are not wealthy, we are poor.  But He is rich and we are His heirs!  We are not full of virtue, we are human and immoral.  Only brought to holiness through Jesus.  We are weak, but have the same resurrecting power only because of Jesus equipping us.  And we are certainly not worthy.  Jesus alone is worthy.  (Rev 4:11, 5:9, 5:12)  Only Jesus can receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise.  So I guess what I'm finding is that these qualities can only come from having a dependence on the Holy Spirit knowing that we will never do a perfect job this side of heaven.  But 'He who began a good work in you [me] will be faithful to complete it' (Philippians 1:6).  And one thing we can be is a 'Woman who fears the Lord' (Proverbs 31:30).  I don't contradict the Word that she 'that fears the Lord should be praised'.  That is most definitely praiseworthy.  But a woman who fears the Lord will reflect that praise back to The One who is of noble character.  The only One.  No more pride in Mother's Day and no more shame, either.  But constant dependence on the Holy Spirit to accomplish these things in her life.  My life. 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

doula for a day

Going through pics and found these goodies from last week! I had the pleasure of coaching a friend through labor! The first career I was passionate about was to be a birth doula but it was clearly not meant to be... I never made it to that degree. So when these friends asked me in, it was such a gift from God! I've had 4 babes of my own but to be on this side of it was just as precious. It was intense and tender, intimate, emotional. And so full of joy! Little Lucy Bloom has the most adorable parents who are so in love with her! And I'll always be fond of her too!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ruby's Baptism

April 23, 2017 We celebrated Ruby on Sunday for her decision to be baptized! When we talked it all over that night, Ruby explained that in getting baptized, her sin was left behind. She shared that while the pastor prayed over her, with head bowed and eyes open, she noticed all of the dust floaties around her. 😄She imagined it was sin leaving her body and staying behind in the pool! 

I personally love this imagery! Of course when we make the choice to be a follower of Jesus, we are still sinners but God has freed us from condemnation of sin. Free from an eternal payment in hell for the bad we do and the good we fail to do, instead forever a citizen with our Savior in heaven! Free from the pleasure and shame of sin and instead, convicted to live like Christ. That sin is nailed to the cross through Jesus' body... buried like when Jesus was buried... conquered over like when Jesus came back to life and overcame death. The sin does stay behind in the water.

So proud of Ruby's decision and we give all the glory to God!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Charlie accepts Christ

This guy asked JESUS into his heart tonight!  We watched a real-life Jesus movie given to us by a man at a Dollar Store.  The movie was well done!  At the end, the children telling the story invited the viewer to pray the prayer to ask Jesus into their heart.  He starts and Charlie starts to repeat out loud after him!!  It will go down as one of the most beautiful moments of my life! So proud of him and eternally grateful to God for the gift of Jesus! 


Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Went to the Great grandparents last night. They don't have much but they have each other, their family, their special memories, and their faith. People: it's what they have sought after with their lives. This is grandma's hand-sewn quilt and I feel like it represents their intricately beautiful life story even though their lives have been entirely simple. They have sought after what matters most, and it has been the most beautiful masterpiece.