Saturday, February 5, 2011

Charlie is six months old now. He is sitting up by himself now and he is scooting all over the place. He will be crawling soon, I think, which is way too soon for me. He's still very content. We started him on rice cereal and baby food 2 months ago- he loves to eat! Now he's eating 'crumbs' we throw at him during dinnertime and cheerios. He doesn't have any teeth yet but munches it all down. I am in love with his cute chunky legs. When he was a newborn, he made me laugh because he had the skinniest legs I've ever seen on a baby and no butt! But now he's got gerth! He just had his 6month checkup. He's 16lbs 14oz and 26.25 inches long, in the 50th percentile all around. Charlie's sisters and the dog are his biggest entertainment. He can really get to giggling when Gary is whipping his toy around (so cute!) Charlie has always loved his bath times: he loves to splash and squeal while the girls and I wash him up. But lately, he just sits (in his very unsafe seat that I would never leave him unattended in!) hunched over with his head down while he pinches his you-know-what! Is that inappropriate? I don't care, it's so dang cute :)

Ruby is changing so much lately. She is growing and looking less like a toddler and more like a kid. Lately she is very attached to me. She's fine when I'm gone but when I'm around, she just has to be held. She still just loves her babies! She's sticking with her own little language and I love to converse with her! Most times I know what she's saying and it's kind of special to share your own little language with each other. Jordan taught Natalie and Ruby to snap their fingers so Ruby will snap and point at me and tell me to 'come here now!' We've been having issues with Ruby staying in her own bed all night, she always comes to ours. As much as I love cuddling with her, she is a pain to share a bed with. She constantly kicks and rolls. Ruby is cute and she knows how to use it to her advantage when she's getting disciplined. She looks up at us with big eyes and a sweet face (we compare her to Puss in Boots from Shrek 2 which also happens to be her favorite movie at this time!) Ruby prays the same prayer at every meal, 'help me make Jesus happy, help me make daddy happy, amen' (that's a slight translation for you). And unless Natalie taught her that, I think she came up with that herself!

Natalie has been into cooking bigtime! During Ruby and Charlie's naptime, I work on these bags that I sew and Natalie and I watch the Rachael Ray show together. And now Natalie is obsessed with cooking. So Natalie has helped out with every dinner I have made in the past two weeks. And it's a lot of fun to incorporate her into it! She is such a little lady. She talks to Jordan and I like she's an adult, too. Natalie loves doing crafts. We haul out our craft basket almost everyday so that Natalie can cut, glue, and color. Natalie really helps me out nowdays! She's good at picking up her room and we actually have little arguements about organizing. She likes it done a certain way that she thinks is better than my way! We'll be enrolling Natalie into preschool next year so that's a pretty big deal to Natalie and Jordan and I. She must be going through a major growth-spurt right now because she is always hungry. At first I was just brushing it off but then I would hear her stomach rumble. She eats cereal, toast, and a snack all before lunchtime!

We also have another addition to the family: Bambi. Bambi is a guinea pig that we got for free. His cage is in the girls' room which they love. I am not such a fan, however. Apparently, guinea pigs poop and pee and stink... who knew?! I appreciate our dog much more these days. Bambi will not be with us for long. I tried telling Natalie that we should give Bambi to a family that doesn't have any pets and she started to cry. Jordan thinks that if we get rid of Bambi the girls will forever be scared that we'll just get rid of them when we're sick of them! So now I don't know how to get rid of the darn thing. Jordan suggested that we play with it outside and lose him but I'm not that cruel either! Bambi is pretty cute though. I wonder if we could just swap him out with a stuffed toy....

So far, this year has been busy!! I can't believe we're more than a month into the new year already. Jordan has been busy working a side job and on my massage room (which is so close to being finished!!) and I've been busy painting at the same side job, sewing bags, babysitting, and massaging! It's good but I just feel like our family has been knocked off from our routine! The girls and I are definately feeling it. Ruby won't let go of me whenever I'm in sight and she hasn't been staying in her Sunday school class. Natalie and I have been at odds... she's talking back to me a lot so I have to get after her and then I hear her mumble as she stomps off that she doesn't like me :( Charlie is currently my easiest child!!

And the training for the 25k is going much better than I could have anticipated. The hardest thing about the training isn't actually the run itself but just making time for it. I'm hoping February won't be as crazy for us!

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