Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Baking

Every year, Jordan and I get together with other family members and bake the night away. There has got to be hundreds of different cookies and treats made that night. We have a lot of fun getting together and it's been a family tradition of theirs for many years.

My nephew and niece, Sam and Anna, are always wanting to help take care of Natalie. She has 8 cousins total (almost 9) and they are so good with her. She just loves them.

Best Buds

I had my nieces, Hailee and Briella, my cousins' daughter, Morgan, and my own little Natalie all at the same time on Thursday. They got along great except for when Hailee would accidently scare Morgan. Natalie and Briella each took off a shoe of Morgan's and they thought it was fun to hit her. She needs to be around them more to get better at her defense skills. We had a good time but I know now that I could never have triplets!

By the way, the scratch on Morgan's face was her own doing. The girls weren't that hard on her!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another Milestone

Natalie's first tooth has cut through. I have no pictures of it yet because you can only feel it. Hopefully she'll be happier these days. She is also sitting up by herself now. She'll sit and play for a couple of hours at times, expecially if she's playing with her cousin, Briella.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Friends' Christmas Party

We had a Christmas party with friends on Saturday. We get together a lot as it is but it's fun to have a formal dinner with everyone at the same time. We always have a great time whenever we get together.

The boys had fun playing Wii.


Natalie was baptized this Sunday and we transferred our membership to Community Reformed. She did really well, other than pulling off the nametag of the lady standing next to her. Afterwards, we had 25 family and friends over. Natalie is over 5 months old already. I can't believe how much she's grown!

Grandma and Grandpa Jones

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Gary and Natalie

I've been getting requests for pictures of Gary. So here he is. He and Natalie get along great. Gary and Hailee, my niece, especially get along good. He gets fed a lot more food when she's around the house. Gary is a brittany spaniel.

Natalie's First Outing

On November 19, Jordan's parents and the three of us went on the train to Chicago for the day. Natalie had a good time just riding around in the stroller all day. The city is all decorated for Christmas. It turned out to be the perfect day for shopping and walking with a high of 65 degrees.

VanderZwaag Christmas Party

We had our VZ Party early this year. We took pictures of the many newborns and all except 14 grandkids. The party was on Nov. 17th so that my cousin Kevin could be there before leaving for Iraq.