Thursday, July 31, 2014


This is what our July consisted of:

Swimming lessons for Ruby and Charlie and one lesson for Emma.  She loves the water and the kids' teacher thinks that she may be a swimmer by the end of the summer if we keep working with her!

We had a quiet Fourth of July- swimming lessons in the morning, relaxing afternoon with some bottle rockets and then to the beach to visit Nienhuis', and dinner and fireworks with the Bakkers in the evening.  It was a gorgeous day!!

To finish out the holiday weekend, we went to an air show.  The kids loved it at first but got a little bored with the lulls in between.  It wasn't the best air show we've ever been too.  Charlie's favorite was when a souped up school bus raced an airplane and the bus won!  I had made him guess which would be fastest so he was blown away!  The Thunderbirds wrapped up the show which was of course, Ah.Mazing!!!

The rest of July, we had cooler weather.  We didn't get to the beach as much or swimming pools :(  But the kids were outside with the neighbor friends every single day.

We went to the street performers with the Brunink kids and had a great time!  Man I love those kiddos!  They're only an hour away from us but the busyness of life distracts us from seeing them as much.  Over the summer we were on a good streak of getting together with them each month.  So proud of them all.

Ruby lost her first tooth in July!  Of course, she was pretty proud about that!!  I think she believes that she's a woman now like Natalie!

I was gone for 5 days near the end of July for camp and I feel like the time I spent preparing for it really made my July just fly by.

And of course we end every July with Charlie's birthday.  He is FOUR!!  What?!  My baby boy!!  But what fun he is!  Charlie is my laid-back little buddy.  He's such a great big brother to Emmy, always rubbing her back and gently guiding her along.  He's my cuddler, which I cannot get enough of, and he loves a good back scratch.  He's got a great sense of humor, too!  He loves to make us laugh but he can instantly turn bashful.  He's so bashful!!  But once he's caught up in playing or making someone laugh, he forgets all about that and is crazy!  We just love this little guy so much!  I am so proud of who he is!!

We had a small crowd over for his birthday.  Some of the grandparents and then our close neighbor friends and Alec.  He was proud to have his two best buds, Gage and Alec, by his side and then to have them sleep over.  What a blast he had on this birthday!