Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why won't this picture rotate?!?! Oh well, here's my lil one year old:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

ruby turns one

My baby is one today! I have such mixed emotions! Time goes way too fast. I wish she were a newborn all over again and yet I love seeing her grow up and mature!

A week ago she took a few steps and now she is taking 5-10 at a time. She is still the happiest baby I've ever known. Even when she's upset, you can still get her to smile. And when she does smile, her little eyes squint just about shut and her little nose crunches up... it's cute! And when we feed her with a spoon (she hasn't learned how to herself yet!) she opens her mouth as wide as she can while smiling and showing all her 10 teeth, she tilts her head back and resembles a little birdie waiting for her momma to reguritate some food for her! Ruby absolutely loves to dance and sing! It doesn't matter what kind of mood she's in, if I'm holding her and I ask her to dance, she's about jumping out of my arms! And of course, she is into everything! Everyday, I have to restock our bookcases with our books and movies. And just this morning, Ruby took the cap off of the baby shampoo and was emptying it onto the bathroom floor! Ruby can also be a cuddler if she has her favorite blanket. And if you're lucky, she'll give you an occasional kiss (that is, if you don't have facial hair!)

Ruby is such a blessing to this family. If I'm feeling impatient or preoccupied, all I need is a smile from Ruby to reel me in! We love you, Ruby, and we thank God that he chose us to be your parents!

Happy First Birthday, Rue Lou!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

our fall in pictures....

Not much is new around the Barkel household.... I thought I'd post some new pictures from the last time I posted some:

All summer Natalie would help herself to cherry tomatoes from our garden.

Ruby enjoying a chocolate muffin from the last flea market.

Zeeland Pumpkin Fest: