Sunday, August 31, 2014

just beachy

There were few days where the water was warm enough for us, or even the air for that matter.  But when it was nice, we indulged.

Jordan walked over on his lunch break for a picnic with us and a nap.

Friday, August 29, 2014

august days

Our August was pretty uneventful... other than Natalie breaking her collarbone from running on all fours like a cheetah.  She is reeeeally fast and ran full fledge into the grass and broke it!  After her crying for half an hour over it, I finally decided to bring her in.  At that point, she stopped crying and said it really didn't hurt anymore.  I was kicking myself for bringing her in but sure enough, broken.  No biking, swimming, or rough playing... Natalie was given strict instruction to keep it in place.  What a bummer for the last few weeks of summer :(  It bothered her during night for about a week because she'd wake up from starting to roll which was just miserable.  There was one night where she must have been disoriented because she was swinging her arm and screaming because of the pain it was causing.  I calmed her down and tucked her in tight again.  But I discovered, once again, that I have a hint of my mother's faint-hearted-ness.  Just even considering the pain she was feeling while thrashing her broken collarbone around was about enough to make me pass out.  I felt so bad for her.  But, remarkably, after the first week there was no more pain.  The six weeks of restricted mobility turned to limited mobility which basically turned into a free-for-all.  Her bone healed quickly and perfectly as children's bones most often do.  The rest of our August was uneventful.  Just full of enjoyment as school approached.