Sunday, August 1, 2010

charlie tyler

My little man is finally here!!!!!! I knew my baby was a boy! Charlie Tyler Barkel made his appearance at 7:57 pm on Friday, July 30, 2010. He was 2 days overdue but worth the wait!

Friday morning I started having contractions around 7 am that were about 20 minutes apart and very mild. I went to my doctor's appt at 10:15. My doctor checked me out (I was finally at 3cm after being at 1cm for 4 weeks!) and my water broke! So she sent me to the hospital. FYI- if you ever get sent to the hospital when your contractions are 20 minutes apart, I recommend you make a trip to McDonalds first and then proceed to the hospital. It crossed my mind but I did not make a trip to McDonalds and was starved because they don't let you eat anything but jello once you're in labor! Jordan made it over to the hospital and then we just waited.... I was at about 6cm at 6pm and that's when I finally got the epidural. I still hate those things but it is sooo worth it!! I started to push at 7:25. The doctor and nurse predicted that this was 'one big baby'. My doctor thought he 'may be a 10pounder'. I guess his head and shoulders were positioned funny so I had to try some mid-wife techniques to get him out! At one point, the doctor left the room and later told Jordan that she had told the nurses to prepare for a c-section...sooo glad that wasn't necessary. He finally came after 35 minutes of pushing. Doctor Gootjes made Jordan announce what his sex was and Jordan was very excited to announce that it was a boy!! It was so sweet to hear it come from him! The doctor laid him on a blanket on me and he pooped and peed all over!
We are just so in love with Charlie! He actually ended up being 8 lbs, 4 oz, and 21 inches... my smallest baby so far! He's got the perfect amount of dark brown hair that looks like it may have curls someday. He's got deep blue eyes, a dimple on his little chin and a dimple on each cheek! He has the softest baby skin and I could just snuggle my face in his neck rolls all day! (Is that weird?!)
Jordan made a bunch of phone calls. He talked to Natalie and she asked if he had a belly button and teeth! My mom came up to the hospital with Natalie and Ruby who just love Charlie so much already. Ruby kept saying baby and pointing at him and Natalie had to hold him and pet him. It was so sweet! After my mom and Jordan's parents left, Jordan also decided to go sleep at home for the night (he's never had the option of leaving before since I had the girls during the night) so Charlie and I snuggled for a couple of hours. At just two days old now, Charlie is a good eater and sleeper and I've seen a couple of smiles already.

I can't believe he is finally here! This pregnancy was by far the fastest one for me. The girls did great with getting switched around between grandparents and Matt and Katie and we're so grateful for all the help. Natalie, Ruby, and Charlie were all born healthy babies! God has truly blessed our little family! We are so in love with him!! Four and a half years married and three kids already... how did that happen and where did the time go?!