Thursday, March 26, 2015

weekend alone

In the start of March, Jordan's sister, Jess, offered to watch our kiddos for the weekend, just because!  I'm not sure anyone has ever offered to do that without us having a reason for a sitter and thus, having to ask!  So to have this offered to us was amazing!!  Of course, we took her up on it!!  So from Friday after school to a Sunday afternoon, the kids were out of the house and we had ourselves a little STAYCATION!!

We wanted to be intentional about what to do with our time.  We considered going places but in the end, we decided to stick around home.  Other than our first year of marriage without our kids, we've maybe had one or two nights alone at home in our 9 years of marriage but never since having four kids!!

After bringing the kids away, we ended up going to the casino!  On the way, we stopped at a small town grocery store (Dicks in Dorr) that sells the best chicken!  We picked up some mini bottles of wine and dined in the truck!  How romantic, I know!  We went onto the casino where we left 25 bucks ahead an hour later.  Then onto Grandville for shopping!  We got home late, blared some music in the kitchen just because we could, and stayed up even later!  I'm pretty sure we weren't up until 9:30 the next morning.  We worked out together right away that morning, made a delicious breakfast, drank coffee, played a game of scrabble, and took off to do some more shopping.  We sampled wine while we were out and bought my now most favorite kind of Sangria.  We got back home after dinner and changed to go out cross country skiing.  We started out at 7:30 that night and intended to finish an hour later.  BUT, we took a wrong turn that led us out and around the entirety of the park again!  By the time we realized it, there was no turning back!  So two hours later, we were finally out of there.  It had been a perfect night outside.  A beautiful, still night, a full moon, and two lovers!  We got home, took hot showers, got in our pjs, and danced together in the kitchen.  We opened the wine, set out a spread of chocolates and cheeses and strawberries, and played our favorite game with our 'dinner party' playlist.  It was seriously magical, having the house to ourselves and the entire weekend!

It made me so very happy and I feel so very blessed to have Jordan in my life.  I think it came at a time that it was healthy for us to have this one-on-one time together.  And now, instead of waiting for another stay-cation, I hope we can just steal some quality alone time whenever we get the chance!

Monday, March 2, 2015


This winter, Jordan bought Charlie his first real gun!  He was so excited and I could tell he felt like a million bucks!  When he was shooting for the first time, he had to keep brushing his hair out of his eyes.  He looked so cool :)