Friday, November 12, 2010

charlie is five months already!

We were without internet for 4.5 months and without tv for about 3 months and that's including local channels!! I think it was good for us though since it was summer anyways. But it sure is good to have it back :)

So, time for some much needed updating. Where to start.... Well since the biggest change has been our little Charlie, I guess I'll start with him! Wow, do I love my little man! He's looking more like his daddy all the time. So far, he has been a very calm and content little guy. I can lay him down and he'll go to sleep just fine and he has slept through the night a few times now. He doesn't cry much and when he does, it's usually something I can fix. But I've been told that he is a momma's boy. I guess he's not that content with everyone! But for me, he's not fussy at all! It's true what they say about boys and girls - girls are much more dramatic even as babies. Charlie loves to smile and chat already. He was trying to roll over from his back to his stomach for the first time and he was laughing as he was trying! I love to make him giggle! He loves his bath times, too. I can actually manage giving all three kids a bath at the same time. Of course, the girls like to help out with that! Natalie and Ruby just dote on him all day long. They love him so much! Natalie says his name like 'Tarley'. She is really gentle with him most of the time until she becomes a monster and scares the daylights out of him with her roar. Ruby is really rough and motherly at the same time. If Charlie is crying, she'll tell him to stop it but then she showers him with kisses. Ruby will hold him and be all over him and then just like that, she says she's 'all done' and she'll start to push him off of her lap. Charlie has made the transition from 2 kids to 3 kids really easy on me and the rest of his since he doesn't demand all of my attention. He is a perfect fit for our family! He has been sleeping in a bassinet until now. I just set up his crib and I'm working on his bedroom. He is almost five months old now and i don't know where the time has gone. Here are some pictures of our little man over the last five months.