Monday, July 25, 2016

jordan is 32

Reflecting on this guy today especially since it's his birthday.

Jordan is the most multi-faceted man you will mostly likely ever meet!  Let me prove it to you:

Jordan loves space.... outer space! He loves to gaze through his telescope, pointing out galaxies, iridium flares, explaining the latest and greatest space discovery.  His dream occupation would have been to be an astronaut.  If he had gone for it, he would have accomplished it.  Because that's another thing he is: an accomplish-er!  He thinks of something and makes it happen!

He built his own Ninja Warrior Course in our backyard!  He loves to be active.  His only favorite sport: CrossFit.  He loves a good Sunday afternoon nap, mountain biking, neighborhood walking.  He wants to learn gymnastics.  He taught me how to sew and finger-crochet! And the difference between a phillips and a flat-head.  He's amazing at designing, building, innovating, troubleshooting.  He loves a salt water aquarium and used to maintain his own,giggling with each new discovery peaking out of the live rock.  Yes, he giggles.  But he cannot burp.  Anyways, he also loves a good pipe, a good beer, wine, or champagne, okra, dark chocolate (85%) with peanut butter and milk.

The man has a cabinet of curiosities!  He loves butterflies, birds, skulls, rocks, elements, fossils, etc. and he has a collection of these to name a few.  For real, do you know anyone else that has a collection of these things?!

He loves to learn and he's the smartest man I've ever met.  He listens to educational podcasts all day long and retains what he learns.  Podcasts on health, Disney World, Harry Potter, sermons, space, sci-fy, how to brew the perfect cuppa coffee.... and so much more!  He loves to travel, boat, snorkel, fly (he used to take flying lessons!)

He loves music: jazz, folk, rap, pop, tango, bagpipes and bluegrass, and a very selective assortment of Christian music (Daniel Martin Moore and Gungor are his current faves).  He loves technology, fast cars, the feeling of a new pair of socks worn for the first time (it's a little weird how crazy he is about this actually!)  Irish kilts and the perfect pair of sweat pants!

He's a Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek  Nerd... uh, fanatic.  He's crazy about Jesus and wants you to be too.   He's a carpenter GENIUS!  He loves his Lego's (he's what you would call a 'Master Builder').  He loves models... putting them together and painting them. He loves architecture. He loves his friends. And dinosaurs.  And I'm pretty sure he's crazy about his family, immediate and extended.

He's a great dad, maybe since he's still a kid himself.  He takes out our splinters and kisses our boo-boos.  He dances with his kids and he dances with me.  He dates me, romances me, loves me like a husband should.  He is wise.  He speaks into my life.  He believes.  He forgives.

And he is OURS!  So thankful for this man and his 32 years!

Monday, July 18, 2016

camping crew 2016

Another FUN camping trip with the crew at PJ Hoffmaster.  Jeremy and Crystal lent us their trailer and we were so thankful for it since 2 or the 3 nights were rainy (and our tent has a hole!).  Still a glorious weekend for this!  Beach time, paddleboarding, swimming, dune-running, log crossing, eating, field games, campfires, cards and games, bike-riding.  Such a full weekend!