Wednesday, December 28, 2011

ah, the holidays

We had a great holiday season around here. Jordan was laid off between Thanksgiving and Christmas and though we really wish he were busier, it was also very fun to just hang out! We love having daddy home! There were many late nights, sleep-in mornings, family shopping trips, visits with grandparents, movie days/nights, and lego building. For once, I didn't feel so busy with the holidays. We had just as much going on but Jordan was a big help around the house and even gave me some breaks from the kids! He is back to work now which is also a blessing.

Christmas was a blast. It really does get to be more fun as the kids get older and enjoy it. We didn't get our kids too many gifts knowing that the grandparents would improvise- and did they ever! We had both immediate family parties on Christmas Eve. One in the morning, then church, then one in the evening. Christmas day began with another party and that night, we did our own little Christmas party with the kids. They were exhausted after the weekend but they did so great for all of them.

These holidays always seem to remind us of how much we have to be thankful for. We are all in great health, we are warm in our house, we have food on the table every night, we are able to buy presents for our loved ones, and most importantly we can have joy in knowing that we have salvation in Jesus. The only reason for the season. And my prayer for you, the reader, is that you have accepted this perfect gift and embrace it as well.


And here are some random snapshots of our holiday season:

Charlie thouroughly enjoyed playing with Jordan's Star Wars ornaments...

...and Harry Potter legos with dad...

and our ukelele!

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Isaiah 9:6