Friday, June 24, 2016

natalie is 9

This year, we celebrated Natalie's Ninth!!  Crazy!  She chose for us to go to Red Robin and mini-golfing.  Such a great time as a family.  Natalie is kind, loving, studious, beautitul, creative, inoventive, lovely, mature, hepful, smart, hilarious, nurturing.  So blessed by her!

Monday, June 20, 2016

spring is back

Jordan's first field trip: Frederick Meijer Gardens with Ruby's class!

Memorial Day

 Memorial Day Parade Fun!

The girls say goodbye to their loft bed and spend their first night in their new room.

Our last afternoon, just him and I, before his sisters join us in the afternoons and he'll go onto full time school in the fall. He made us a bed on the deck and we laid with our faces to the sun.... Except for I secretly watched his sweet face and fell in love with him even more!
 The kids last day of school.  Always a bittersweet day for them since they love school!

Ruby fractured her wrist playing capture the flag at Camp Geneva and 3 days later, Jordan cuts his palm fixing our washing machine.

 A fun birthday party at the Berline Raceway.
 This guy: He is our dreamer, challenger, encourager, fun-loving dad, husband, friend. But he is not a washing machine repair man, as we discovered yesterday, 9 stitches later. But for everything else he is, we love and appreciate him!

Emmy goes to Dance School.  She loved everything about it!