Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Coupe

Natalie's "great-aunt" Donna gave Natalie a Little Tykes Coupe and she loves it. She doesn't go very far on her own but it keeps her busy for a while and for that, I am very grateful. Thanks Donna!

Our friend, Jeremy Bakker, also enjoyed a ride in the coupe...don't ask!!

Natalie's Summer

Natalie has changed so much in the 2 months since I last blogged. She has 6 teeth on top now (including 2 molars) and 4 on the bottom. It's a good thing she's got all those teeth because her new favorite food is corn on the cob. She's also gotten very good on her feet. Her pace seems to quicken everyday! She walks around the house pointing to things she can't play with and says "no, no". She can say so many things now, too. Her new vocabulary includes bama (grandma), papa (grandpa), birdie, something that sounds like thank-you and she says it at the appropriate times, air (hair), dawie (doggie), done, bubba (baby), bath, and bah (bye)! Who knows what else she can say that we just haven't figured out yet. She also knows signs for more, please, eat, drink, and milk. It's so exciting to be able to communicate better. Everything she says is in the form of a whine followed by a question mark! Natalie loves to brush her teeth. One day I thought, "It's too quiet! What's she getting into?!" But she was just sitting on the couch watching Seseme Street brushing her teeth! We are just so in love with her. She has gotten such a little personality all of a sudden. She loves to make people laugh. One way she does that is by walking while bent at the waist with her eyes half-shut. It's crazy but it gets people everytime! She has been such a blessing to the family.

Sir Gary Barkel

I just can't resist putting up these pictures of Gary. Natalie loves him. She's always trying to cuddle with him and he is awesome with her. He even lets her sit on his head and pull his hair. He really is a good dog even though it seems like he's another kid I have to take care of.