Saturday, November 15, 2014

emmy turns two

Baby.  Baby Girl.  Emmy.  Emmy Ellamae.  These are all names that she answers to!  And I have especially been using her full name a lot more often.  And because it's a mouth-full, sometimes it's just 'Ellamae' or 'Mae'.  My baby is two now... hence the using of her middle name!  It was about 2 weeks before her birthday that she hit the 'terrible twos' although apart from screaming, she really isn't acting so terrible.  However, it's still an everyday occasion that she is screaming or screeching but then she is squeezing me or snuggling with me.  So far time-outs are working for me and she is great at saying 'sorry, mom' through her tears when the time-out is up.  This unexpected, unplanned, undeserved child of mine.  She is unpredictable!

Emmy's favorites: music, books, everything Frozen, princess movies, doing hair, babies, singing, dancing, hummus, 'chocate', all of her grandparents that just eat her up!  Emmy is constantly on the go and yet she can sit and snuggle whenever I need her close.  We literally don't go a day around here without Emmy singing 'Let it Go' at the top of her lungs.  There are many mornings where that is the first thing I hear coming from her bedroom.  And she's already in tune!  Her little voice is so precious!

Emmy thinks that she is my mother.  She pulls me by the hand with authority while saying, 'k, honey?'  She also forces me to sit while she does (and undoes) my hair.  It actually feels amazing, she is really gentle!  She also loves to make me 'go to bed' so she can tuck me in, give me a slobber kiss, cover me up and tell me forcibly but also sweetly to shut my eyes.  I love pretending with her!  And when she's not being all motherly with me or her siblings, she is toting around a baby (or all three of her babies) and loving on them.  When I get her up in the morning, she has to grab two blankets and her three babies.  And her arms can hardly hold it all.  And she is just crazy about real babies and 'babies' her own age.

Emmy loves to talk on the phone, too.  So whenever I get a phone call, I have to run away from her because she chases me so that she can get a chance to talk.  Every once in a while, I will let her talk to my mom and she just absolutely loves that!

One thing Emmy is not a fan of: Jordan's scratchy beard.  She holds out her had to him to keep him at distance... until she realizes that she's hurt his feelings, then sometimes she will go in for a kiss.

Natalie, Ruby, and Charlie just love her too.  She is hilarious and she keeps us laughing.  Each of the kids are great with her and help me out.  Emmy is constantly trying to go potty on the toilet.  She goes #2 on the toilet just fine but we're still working on #1. The kids are really helpful with this.  They each will help Emmy up on the toilet and then she scolds them to shut the door!  Sometimes it's ten times an hour that Emmy asks to be put on the toilet.  And then she sings 'Let it Go'!

Emmy Ellamae is just full of life!  She is a constant reminder of God's goodness since she hadn't been part of 'our' plan!  Our family is so thankful for her!

That's a tantrum she's throwing, on her birthday!

Sunday, November 2, 2014


We had our niece and nephews sleep over on Halloween this year, so we also got to go trick-or-treating with them. It was so cold outside!  Anna babysat after while we went to a costume party.  And I was told that all of the seven kids that were at our house crashed immediately after we left at 9pm. 
Chewy humored me and let me turn his costume in 'Bert' for Natalie's Mary Poppins costume.
None other but her favorite character: Anna from Frozen

Natalie sure knows how to get in character.  This costume was her idea and so were these poses!

Emmy loves Hailee but was terrified of her in her Duck Dynasty costume!

Happy Halloween!