Sunday, November 29, 2015

chicago overnighter

Our family friend, Kelsi, and her new husband Phil, offered to watch our kids for us over a weekend just because they love them so much!  They are one of those amazing couples who truly invest in our children!  Of course we were fine with that!  So we set up an overnighter in Chicago and Schaumburg! We invited Justin and Mindy along, too!  We hung out in downtown Chicago for the day and evening.  We hit up the German Christmas Market too.  It was so full of ambiance and was a great way to start off the holiday season!

We tried some of the famous mulled wine but the boys about spat it out!  Everyone raved about it but none of us cared for it!

We went to Ikea the next day and the mall.  Justin and Mindy left for home but we went back to Ikea after having been inspired by a dining bench in the Arhaus store.  We had already ate breakfast and lunch with the Koerts in Ikea and then Jordan and I dined yet again there!  Who goes to a big city full of amazing dining experiences and eats in a food court three times?!  The el-cheapo do!
Chicago got a snowstorm while we were there and of course, it took us awhile to get home.  The kids had an amazing time with Phil and Kelsi, building forts, eating ice cream, going for dinner, and playing together!  

We are surrounded by such amazing people!  

Friday, November 13, 2015

Emmy's Third

This Girl!  She is three now!  And such a joy!  (I'm not going to mention how she verbally abused me on the day of her birthday and that she needed many time outs before her birthday party guests arrived!)  She really is a sweetheart!  She enjoyed all of the attention she got on her birthday.  She had an 'Elsa and Anna' party (she loves princesses).  And she loved all of the gifts!

This girl has the sweetest face... I literally want to eat her up!  She loves to sing and dance and act like a princess.  She loves to play babies and doctor.  I love to act like I'm a pet or that I'm sick because she starts mothering me and it's just the sweetest!  She'll stroke my face or take my hand and my heart melts!  She is only just starting to act out (three is always harder than two for our kiddos... or for us!)  She loves to play.  And she also still naps!  I think that's a record-breaker for my kids!  She will even lay herself down to sleep!  And she stays dry while she naps! We are almost out of diapers!

Emma has a great laugh and she loves to laugh!  Most of the time, she adores her siblings.  She gives them hugs and kisses when they leave for school and she stands in the bus line with them and waves until the bus is out of sight.  She didn't want much to do with Jordan for a while but suddenly she adores him again!

She dresses up and really loves to dress herself in the morning.  But I'm trying to stay in control of that one!  She loves purses, and 'lips' (lipstick), and shoes!  She is all girl!  Her favorite blankie is in four separate pieces but it works out that at least we can always find one of them at bedtime.  She calls it her 'little tiny'!

Emmy is my constant little shadow since her siblings are in school and it's just her and I.  And I love it!  We go to Bible Study Fellowship on Wednesday mornings which she loves!  But our first week there was rough.  It isn't often that they have to call a mom out of class to get their child but Emmy wouldn't calm down that first week.  So she was in my small group with me and then onto our large group lecture.  She wasn't sitting still next to me so I sat her on my lap.  Then she took over my page of notes with her own scribbles.  She also ate a bag of candy that I was given as a welcome.  Candy favorite! I was feeling a little impatient with her as this was all going down and would have preferred to just leave.  And then she whispered in my ear, 'The Lord bless you and keep you!'  It was our memory verse at home for the week!  I hadn't even realized that she had been learning it along with her siblings!  It was the sweetest little reminder in that moment!  And I realized that very second that even the commotion of the morning was (and is) a blessing!  That she missed me, that she's a child, that she is learning scripture... and already applying it!!!  And speaking of BSF, it is such a blessing to see Emma learning Revelations along with me.  She can vaguely tell me what the 'story' was about each week, she knows 'Joy to the World', 'Holy, Holy, Holy', and 'Good Morning, God'.  Those are her favorite!

And it's so precious to hear this little one pray... she loves Jesus already!  She can say the 'Now I lay me...' prayer and when she prays at dinner, she thanks Jesus for 'Emmy ...mae' multiple times!  We are so thankful to have this dear girl in our lives!