Saturday, September 27, 2008

Does anyone know.....

...what kind of SPIDER this is?? It's by our shed and it's at least the size of a pepperoni....yuck! It's a pretty good picture though! Too bad I'm gonna kill it.

Daddy and Nay-Nay

I found Jordan clunked out on the couch after work one day with one of Natalie's "babies". I had to take a picture!!

Movie Night....Even though Natalie had her own little bowl of popcorn, she kept stealing some from daddy's big bowl!

15 months old!

Natalie is 15 months already! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. She is the best thing that ever happened to us. She's finally cut her molars so she has been sleeping much better. She's always on the go, she loves to eat (like her mama!), and she loves to play with other kids and with Gary. She is usually a pretty happy girl but, like everyone I guess, she has her moments. She's got a vocabulary of 15-20 words but she understands so much of what we say. Natalie is getting to be a little helper, too which I hope will continue when the baby comes in 4 weeks. She brings me a diaper when she wants to be changed and she's starting to pick up her toys. She tries to help me vacuum, which she loves and it's a nice gesture but it ends up taking me a lot longer! We just love her to pieces!! As much as I wish she would just slow down and cuddle with me, like when she was a baby, every stage is even more fun than the last!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh My Achin' Back!

I’m offering affordable massage for women. I completed an 8-week basic massage training program but unfortunately haven’t gotten licensed. However, my rates are about half of salons‘ prices, many of whom received the same training as myself. While in my care, you will find yourself in a relaxing atmosphere. I am equipped with a massage table and other necessities to make the most of your massage experience.

Many people think of massage as an unnecessary luxury and therefore, the needs of their body go unmet. How often is your body without any aches and pains? Massage is more medical than most people realize. These aches and pains aren’t necessary. As you know, many times we can prevent illness by taking precautions. Massage is one way to stay healthy. With each massage, toxins are broken up and released from the body that may have been causing discomfort, keeping our bodies from being their healthiest. Massage serves the purpose of improving circulation and getting rid of toxins naturally, as well as providing some much needed relaxation!

*Gals: Take a night off from the kids, the husband, the endless “to-do” list, or the TV. Make an appointment with me and give your body what it needs to be at its best!! You’re gonna love it!!!

*Guys: This is a great gift idea for a lady! (Sorry…I have a “girls only” policy!)

Half Hour: $15 One Hour: $25

I am located in Zeeland. Phone: (616) 875-2889

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or to make an appointment. I don’t massage men or pregnant women….sorry. I can also arrange to make house calls! Hope to meet with you soon!!

Little Dutch Girl

I just finally got pictures of Natalie in her Dutch Costume. Our camera was broken around Tulip Time and I've been procrastinating ever since... she wasn't too happy to wear the hat. We went to the children's parade with Natalie's cousins Briella, Hailee, and Taylor and (2nd-cousin-once-removed) Sara :). I got the costume for $10 at an auction. At that time, I was about 3 months pregnant with Natalie and didn't know if she was a boy or girl but I knew I had to have that costume! It fit her perfectly!