Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It's really late as I write this. Jordan is on his way home from a Tigers game and I'm attempting to stay awake until I know he's safely returned home. And to unlock the door for him because I'm always so paranoid of robbers and murderers and vampires! Vampires, you say? Yes, I have just started reading the 'Twilight' series. I have gotten halfway through the first book in just a few hours. It's really holding my attention. I just finished reading the 'Half-Blood Prince', the 6th of the Harry Potter series. One of my favorites, that one. And I wanted to read it in time for the movie that's coming out next week. But back to 'Twilight'. As grabbing as it is, I cannot keep my eyes open anymore. So I thought I'd blog instead. But now that I'm typing, I realize I don't really have anything to say. I can just see myself babbling for a while and re-reading what I write and deciding not to publish it. But if you're reading this now, I probably didn't re-read it and published it without thought. So.... what can I write about.....

Natalie puked on the 5th of July. We were just about to eat (grandpa was starting to pray) and she just throws up. She hasn't since and there had been no signs that she was feeling sick beforehand or after the fact. So hopefully she's fine. So far, the twos haven't been so terrible. The only 'problem' we really have with her right now is that she somehow manages to climb into our tall bed in the middle of the night without us realizing it. But, as bad a habit as it is, we kind of like it. Usually, we wake up to find her feet in our faces. She insists throughout the night to sleep the opposite way of us. But we still enjoy her company. I know it's a bad habit but it's not like she'll be doing it when she's ten. We'll break it someday :)

Ruby said 'mama' on Sunday and has said it a couple of times since. That's exciting for me! She is so close to crawling also. She can get on all fours and scoot backwards. She's still just as happy as a baby can possibly be. Always all smiles! I think she had a good 4th of July holiday weekend. It was really laid back and we didn't do a whole lot this year but we had a relaxing weekend. On the 4th, we journied to our friend, Brad's house with many other friends and had our 2nd annual whiffle ball tournament and a bunch of food and fellowship. Good times as always with our friends.

Wish I could leave you with some pics of the 4th but I didn't really take any worth sharing! Oh well, my eyelids are beginning to shut down on me anyways.

...and Jordan just got home as I was typing that last paragraph (perfect timing!)

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  1. Well everything I read made sense so you didn't do too bad!!! Morgan wasn't feeling the greatest last week either...never threw up but ran a fever Thursday-Saturday. We weren't sure if it was because of her finger or what! So who knows what the girls were passing between them between the two days! Sorry if we gave her something!!! Glad to hear the two's aren't too bad since we'll be there next week!