Wednesday, April 22, 2009

how great is our GOD

Last night I went to the Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith 'United' concert and, as expected, it was amazing!! It was my birthday present from Jordan. He wasn't sure if I really wanted to go because this was my 6th time seeing MWS in concert but I think it gets better every time! We were in the top section of Central Weslayan Church but there wasn't a bad seat in the house. I don't even know how to give my description of the night justice but I'll try.

The concert got started out with both of them singing together and then SCC took the stage. In between songs, he gave sermonettes about his family and his music. For those of you who don't know, 11 months ago SCC's little girl was tragically killed. And it was awesome to see the faith that the Chapman family has kept throughout all of this. SCC had to re-evaluate his music and if he really believed it because if not, he wasn't going to continue. But he has kept his hope in Jesus and believes the promise that God is always sovereign. It was really moving to hear his take on things. He has even continued to sing the infamous 'Cinderella Song'. You can read the whole story of his loss here. Geoff Moore also made an appearance. He is a songwriter of many christian artists' songs and therefore, also very talented.

After a brief intermission, MWS took the stage and played a few of his old hits and that was great! I grew up on MWS and it was great to hear little tidbits of the songs that you'd never expect to hear in concert. He also had a good message about his ministry and about being a child of God. He put on a great show as well with his worship songs. Once again, SO moving. MWS played a song from his instrumental CD 'Freedom' (which I love) and at all of his concerts, he plays 'Friends' (one of his most requested). It was cool for me when he sang 'Friends' because a random thought came into my head that my 3 closest friends were all sitting at that concert: Katie, Sara, and Crystal. It was a cool (and kind of cheesy!) revelation!

I LOVE my life....I love being a wife and mommy and I feel fulfillment in so many areas of my life. I honestly feel as if I could not ask for more. But sitting in that concert last night, I am so excited to leave this life someday and join those who are not with us anymore and praise Jesus face to face. I mean, can you even imagine it? One of my favorite songs is Angus Dei and when the whole auditorium sang that together last night I tried to imagine millions more singing along while looking at Jesus. ...holy, holy, are you Lord God Almighty.. worthy is the Lamb, worthy is the Lamb, you are holy.... MWS and SCC also led us together in the song 'How Great is Our God' which was also amazing to sing as a group. These concerts are great because they just give me a spiritual boost! God was in that place and with the whole audience singing praises to Him....I cannot help but think that it was a glimpse of heaven.


  1. that Cinderella song always makes me want to cry. my dad wants that song for our dance.. hopefully i can hold it together :)
    i'm so glad you had a good time.. maybe next time we'll be able to go with :)

  2. Wasn't the concert amazing! I would've sat there for 7 hours listening to them if we could've:)