Wednesday, April 8, 2009

peeing, teething, running (another random post)

Last night I was going to take a shower with Natalie (or as she says, 'show') but was getting dinner going first. I know....weird time to take a shower but I had just ran on the treadmill! Anyways, the next thing I know, Natalie's butt naked and the bathroom floor is all wet! It turns out that she went potty on her potty seat which was sitting next to the toilet on the floor. But I gave her a high five for it anyway! That was the third time now that she's gone on her potty and it was all by herself!

Natalie is working on her last eye tooth and then we're done with her teething for awhile. I think she'll get some more molars around 3 years old...? But now Ruby is working on her first tooth. It just broke through yesterday. Ruby is just changing so much again. I'm thinking she weighs around 18 pounds now. She's also been eating her rice cereal everyday and yesterday I tried baby food and she loved it. Hopefully we can fill her belly a little fuller now with the baby food so she'll start sleeping through the night. That's right, she has only slept through from midnight to 5 a couple of times. So lately I've been feeling sleep deprived. At least Ruby's good at sleeping in but then Natalie wakes up at 6:30 everyday!

Update on my running: I have done really bad at keeping with it for the month of March. In February, I ran 70% of the days. In March, I ran 30% of the days. So, I'm going to work really hard this month because the 5k is in 4 weeks and I've only gotten up to 2.5 miles. I really wanted to get to 3.5 just to be on the safe side. I'm also afraid that the inches I lost were put back on... I don't dare to check yet. In March, we got the flu and I had a bad cold for a couple of weeks, so that is my lame excuse for not running much. Hopefully at the end of this month, I'll have a more positive update to share.

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  1. Hi Lindsey! :) Thanks for the comment--your blog is wonderful! I love reading it!! I've been trying to get into blog writing because my parents are moving down to FL. Hows everything with you?! Hope things are great--Have a FABULOUS Easter!! :)