Thursday, April 9, 2009

barkel, inc.

Jordan and I have been very busy lately with just random stuff around the house. It must be spring fever. Warm weather is so close you can taste it but it's still cold out and we're going crazy being stuck inside! But whether the weather's the reason (like my clever play on words?!) for our productiveness or just because there are so many projects that have been on hold, we have accomplished a lot this week!

This week, I repainted Natalie and Ruby's room and this is the final product.

That's a chalkboard painted on the wall that Natalie loves. I would like to get some letters to spell out the girls' names and I found some cute ones on this website I'd like to buy. (Love that website, by the way....check it out!) I also re-painted the massage room and am waiting for Jordan to hang some crown molding before I put up pictures. And I painted a wall in our bedroom a different color which I am happy about. I made the curtains hanging in the girls' bedroom and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. It was my first sewing project. I was inspired by how easy sewing was and decided to sew some matching dresses with the leftover material. So here are the finished products of the new curtains and Natalie's dress (it was the best one I could take - she was crabby at the moment!)

For some reason, I can't flip the picture :)

Another project got started on Wednesday night - Jordan started building a floor to ceiling cabinet to go in our bathroom. He got the thing built (minus drawers and cupboard doors) and then we had to haul this 200 pound thing up the stairs and through the house and into our small bathroom. IT WAS CRAZY. I think Jordan was going to kill me by the end of it for my lack of muscles and lack of common sense on which way to 'pivot' the thing. (Anyone ever see the 'Friends' episode where Ross and Rachel try to bring a couch up the stairs of an apartment building and he keeps shouting "Pivot!" Well that was us and we also got stuck more than once!!) I'm tellin' ya, if a marriage can get through that it can get through anything!! But we made it. At one time, we were pivoting it over the dining room table and over the island in our kitchen! Somehow, I was always ending up with the heavy end so we switched ends numerous times! To get it in our bathroom, we had to take down the hallway light fixture and the trim above the doorway (actually Jordan finally just busted it off out of frustration). The toilet seat got a little scratch and it's kind of wobbly now from getting hit, but somehow, we got it in! It took us an hour and a lot of patience but it's in and it's there to stay!! Thankfully the girls slept through it all (it was 11 pm once we finally got it in!) I love it and can't wait until it's finished!

But even with how busy we've been staying, I've still found time to blog!!


  1. Wow Lindsey! I love the curtains and the matching dress! :) That might inspire me to start up sewing!! :)

  2. Lindsey all these pics are so cute! Love the girls in their Easter dresses, love their bedroom, and the curtain dress is soo cute! Could your reference to Friends BE any funnier?? It made me laugh out loud!!