Thursday, November 1, 2012

ruby is four

Ruby turned 4 this week!  And I'm in shock!  Seems like she was just born and our first impression of her was that she was loud and had a big mouth!!  And suddenly, she is four!  She is still loud and, frankly, has  a big mouth.  But suddenly, she's a little lady.  She has grown up so much in the past year.  She has had a great week reminding us that it's her birthday week.  She has been asking about her birthday ever since Charlie had his in July.  Hope it's been as enjoyable as she has been imagining it would be.  We had two parties for her... one with grandma 'Zwaags' and one with the Barkel side.  She wore her current favorite princess dress for both parties (as well as for Halloween!).  She had also requested a princess party, which just meant she wanted everything in either pink or purple, oh and lemonade cake.  And she had a long list of princess items that she wanted for presents... and her guests delivered!  She got a lot of very cute presents!

Ruby is FULL of personality... sometimes more than I know what to do with as she is a very strong-willed girl.  She just loves to be dramatic!  She always has a story to tell and she loves books.  She's still our little fashionista - loves clothes and loves to accessorize.  She gets ready in the bathroom multiple times a day.  And she gives me honest opinions about my own style (or lack of!).  She's very into her Polly Pockets and Barbies, we play with them everyday and I love to see how she interprets the interactions of adults around her.  It's so cute to listen to her barbies talk to each other. 

I've been meaning to document that this spring, at 3.5 years old, she learned how to ride a bike without training wheels.  She caught on very quickly and still enjoys whipping down the road.  She has also mastered the 'one eyebrow lift' and this fall, she has been practicing writing her name and she's getting close.  I try to do school with her now and then but most times, she would prefer to be the teacher.  She misses Natalie when she's away but she also enjoys our alone time during Charlie's naps.  She is such a joy.  I find myself being too hard on her at times for being such a free-spirit.  According to my mom, she is just like me when I was this age.  But I do not consider myself a free-spirit and many times, I am way too rigid.  So I'm hoping that she never loses that and continues to teach me how to have fun and be fun!

Currently her favorite book is her little pink Bible, her favorite TV show is 'My Little Pony', her favorite thing to wear is her red pajama skirt on top of the clothes that I make her wear, her favorite song is 'We Are Young' (it's kind of our family's song that we all belt out together), her favorite toy is either a favorite barbie or polly pocket, and she still loves her blankie which is getting rattier everyday.  She can't wait to go to school and loves church.  Sometimes I worry about her socially since she is so independant but she plays really well with other kids and doesn't seem to be bossy.  She is finally coming around to the idea of Jesus... up until this point, she's either been skeptical or stubborn, I'm not sure which.  She is very excited for our baby to come and prays for her often.

We love Ruby so much.  She is a rock, she is hilarious, she is beautiful, she is fierce, she is determined, she is sugar and spice.  She adds so much life and pizzaz to this family and I praise God for her!  Happy fourth birthday, Ruby Louise!!

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