Thursday, November 1, 2012

celebrating mom

This fall, my sister, brother, and I put together a surprise party for my mom.  It was a housewarming party since she moved into a condo.  She has been through a lot but has had a great support system of family and friends through it all.  So we invited her closest friends and family for a night of celebration.  We had two couples take her out to dinner after work and us kids got in her house to set up for the party.  Her friends arrived and the guys chauffered them back and forth from a parking lot to avoid suspicion.  We anxiously waited in the dark living room and caught her off gaurd when we hollered 'surprise'.  It was so exciting.  We had planned for the party for about 6 weeks and hoped for it to be kept a secret.  We even went so far as to invite our very good friends from Florida who came in especially for her party.  Katie and I hung out with Brian and Dorothy for 2 days before mom even knew they were in town.  And the second part of the surprise was that they were going to stay with mom!  So after the initial surprise of the party, she was then surprised to find Brian and Dorothy knocking on the door with their suitcases in hand.  We had cake, punch, goodies, and great fellowship.  The guests at this party have been by her side through everything and Katie, Nick, and I are grateful for each one of them.

And my mom is the most amazing woman I will ever personally know.  Through it all, she has remained faithful to the Lord and has cried out to him for deliverance.  With all that she went through, those that knew the circumstances would not have blamed her if she were bitter and chose not to ever forgive or move on.  But that is not who she is.  She is this beautiful, courageous, inspiring woman.  The greatest example of a wife, mother, and God-fearing woman that a daughter could ever ask for.  She has always been a living example of her faith.  That characteristic of hers was ever present in my own life and has drastically shaped my own relationship with Christ.  I have seen first-hand the miracle of redemption, the freeing power of forgiveness, the joy that is possible even in the darkest of times.  I hope to not ever experience the depth of despair that she has experienced but I know that my Savior will carry me through those times if I look to Him.  I am so blessed to be a daughter of the God of this universe, who cares so deeply for His children.  And I am so grateful for His great love, guidance, and provision in my mom's life.

And that is why we had to celebrate :)


  1. Amen Sista!!!! Well said! She has been a terrific example of a Christian wife and mom to me! What a fun night that was! Her reaction was one I will NEVER forget!!!

  2. LOVE your mom! So proud to call her my aunt!!