Sunday, November 11, 2012

a love letter

Dear Jordan,

Do you have any idea how much I love you?!  I'm sitting on the hospital bed, waiting for you and the kids to come and get me and Emmy.  I just appreciate you so much.  You are such a great dad.  You have been amazing this weekend with the kids and with taking care of me.  Do you remember that you emptied out two buckets of my throw-up for me?!  You've witnessed 4 births now and you're still attracted to me?!  I know that you love me and I am so undeserving of it.  There's so much that I could do better as your wife.  You work so hard for us and I know that you'd do anything for any of us.  You are an amazing husband and I am so blessed to have you.  Yesterday, I laid in my hospital bed in between you and Emmy and as you both slept, I just reflected on our almost 7 years of marriage.  We have had some trials but all of those years were so wonderful.  We have both changed so much and for the better!  You were my best friend then and you are still that today.  You're funny, thoughtful, my rock.  You continue to walk with the Lord and are a godly example of a father to our children.  I absolutely ADORE you!  I know we've said it before but I really believe that this is our last child ;)  We are closing this chapter of having babies and it seems it just began.  What a wonderful time it's been.  I'm sad to think of never doing this labor and delivery thing again but looking forward to the next chapter of our lives.  You were always so supportive of me with each pregnancy and the way you have taken care of me with each delivery is so flattering.  You bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers with this last child and I could have cried.  But I didn't so maybe that's why I'm crying now as I write this! 

I could go on and on proclaiming my love for you but I also know that you have a limited attention span :) 

I love you more than I ever. thought. possible.

Thank you for loving me.

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