Thursday, March 5, 2009

Flu Shot, coming right up!

Jordan and I have decided that we are all going to be getting the flu shot each winter from now on! Last week, Natalie got the flu and so did me and Jordan. On Saturday, Natalie and I were both sick together so we laid in bed most of the day while Jordan took care of us and kept Ruby away. He was such a good nurse! But then, he ended up getting it on Sunday. It was so aweful with Natalie having it because she couldn't give us enough notice to get her to the toilet. I think I got thrown up on at least 5 times and a couple times for Jordan, too. And that's probably how we got it. I think Natalie initially must have gotten the bug from the nursery but who knows. And right when we'd think that she was over it (like she'd go 30 hours without throwing up) she'd throw up again!! Jordan and I didn't know what to do at one point, she just kept going over and over and in between would cry out "All Done?" She was crying...I was crying.... I felt so bad for my little Nay-Nay :( But Thank God that Ruby didn't get it, we kept her in quarentine. But we are finally all healthy again and after cleaning and sanitizing over and over, it prompted me to get an early start on spring cleaning.

Natalie and me in bed....all day on Saturday. I wish I'd gotten a picture of nurse Jordan. He had a bandana around his mouth and gloves on whenever he came in to bring us something. He was so cute!!

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  1. I just started laughing picturing Jordan running around being a nurse! I'm glad little Ruby didn't get sick (I so would have taken her if I would have been home!!) Also, glad Morgan never got it! Neal & I don't get the flu shot but if it works for Morgan we'll keep doing it!