Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Natalie is growing up so fast. Lately, she's just been such a little helper around the house. For a while there, I was only going to get groceries by myself because usually by the check out line, Natalie had had enough and would let everyone know it. But I've taken both of the girls with me a couple times recently and Natalie just does so good. We've gotten her to sit in church with us without a fuss, too which hasn't happened since she was like 9 months old. She's just a little lady all of a sudden. She talks a ton and I'm constantly surprised by her vocabulary. I guess we better start watching what we say around here :) I just love her to pieces. I love this age and yet I wish we could start from the beginning with her and do it all over again! So what's all this gotta do with the title of this post, POOPIES? Well, it's got to do with another big-girl characteristic she's developing.... Natalie went POOPIES on the toilet for the first time today. She knows the sign for 'toilet' and does it whenever she's in the process of pooping. Usually, she tells us when it's too late and she's already gone. But this morning, I checked her diaper and there was nothing in it yet. So I sat her on the toilet and out came the POOPIES!! I tried to make a big deal about it. I started screaming "POOPIES" and ran to the kitchen for her favorite treat which is now stored in the bathroom cupboard. She also got the flush the toilet (a couple of times) and she shut the lid. We haven't really been pushing her to go POOPIES on the toilet but we put her on if she asks us and before bathtime (refer to post "In the tub" for more info on why we at least try to get her to go before bathtime). Seeing how she's only 19 1/2 months, it's ok if she doesn't do it all the time and I'm not going to pressure her, but hopefully this will be a more common occurance. It'd at least save us some diapers! I've come to like the word POOPIES especially when Natalie says it! We use this word with Natalie and Jordan quite often at our house! Natalie always informs me of when daddy has just gone POOPIES!

So anyway, HOORAY for POOPIES!

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  1. Yea for poopies...She's growing up so fast. By the way that's a nice picture of Jordan by the "oh my achin' back"...Just kidding I know that's not Jordan, that's Uncle Dwight instead, right? :)