Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How can it be that the month of December is almost over?  How can it be that this YEAR is almost through?!  We have been so busy around here.  I've had my hands full of kids (always!) and work, and Jordan is busier than ever with work.  All good things but a bit much for around the holidays.

But we are enjoying ourselves too!  It's not too often that we aren't blaring the Christmas music, dancing and singing along.  We've outdone ourselves with the gifts this year but I'm addicted to wrapping things up with pretty paper.  And I seem to constantly be re-decking the halls with the Christmas decor (nothing ever stays the same for long around here!)  And I've got a big list started in my head of what we will do with the kids' Christmas break (baking, crafts, caroling around the piano).

Little Emmy Ellamae just discovered our gifts and the ornaments but she actually kind of listens when I say 'no'.  Hopefully she can restrain herself from opening gifts for just a few days more!  Charlie is becoming addicted to sweets since we have more of those in the house than usual (ever since the snow has come).  Natalie and Ruby are enjoying the Christmas festivities at school.  There has been a lot of snow this month which the kids love.  We got them each a new sled and they use them everyday.  That's right, it's been a snowy December and it looks like it's going to be a white Christmas!

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