Thursday, December 19, 2013

baby steps

Emmy started taking steps about 2 months ago now but only in the last 2 weeks has she been walking.  I don't think there's anything sweeter than when she would take a couple of staggered, unsure steps.  I knew she could do it, she had the balance down, she knew how to tumble should she stumble, but she would reach out for me and as soon as she was close enough, she'd fall into me, knowing that I would catch her.

What a metaphor for life, isn't it?  Baby steps... it's an analogy used all of the time.  I've seen a hundred people do it before me and do it well, I know what it requires, but I am not sure if I've got what it takes.  I stagger, arms reaching, legs shaking, body moving uncomfortably.  I don't make it far because my mind gives up on me.  The strength of the body is there yet my spirit is weak.  But I have confidence in my Father.  I lean into Him and he's always there.  And while I give up, doubting myself, He's waiting for me to take it even further next time.  He has confidence in me!!  Isn't it sweet to think of our Heavenly Father holding His strong arms out to us while we waddle ungracefully toward Him.  I know He looks on us lovingly, encouraging us, and so excited when we get close to Him.  And even when we learn to walk in maturity like we're supposed to do, He wants us to come to Him like a child again.

Now Emmy is constantly on the move.  She's got this.  She doesn't need the security of my arms stretched toward her.  If anything, she doesn't want me to help her get along.  But nothing brings me more joy than when in all her independence, she decides to walk toward me and collapse into my arms!!

Matthew 14: 22-33 is the story of Jesus walking on water.  But Jesus wasn't the only person to ever walk on water.  When he told his disciples to 'come' walk on the water with him, only Peter obeyed and when he got out of the boat, he was also able to walk on the water.  Jesus knew he could do it but as soon as Peter began to doubt that he could do it, he began to sink.  Jesus had faith in Peter.  It was Peter who lost the faith to do the impossible with the help of Jesus.  Seriously, a human being other than Christ was able to walk. on. WATER!!

That's just a good reminder to me that nothing is impossible with God!  Oh, that my faith would continue to grow...!  That I wouldn't stumble, that I wouldn't shake, that I would believe that I have what it takes when I'm holding my Father's hand.

Baby steps....

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