Sunday, December 22, 2013

everybody's baby

I had been told that I wouldn't keep the baby books up-to-date when it comes to the last baby.  I thought I'd prove that theory wrong.  But I have failed to.  I haven't touched her baby book in half a year and my last post about Emmy was months ago and so much has changed since!  For one, she isn't such a baby anymore.  Ouch, that hurts!

She's walking all over the place and she will hold my hand to go places, which feels weird because she's a little short for her age.  Guess that's what these monkey arms of mine were made for!  Emmy is talking more too.  She'll repeat things in her own little way. She's got 'no' down better than anything else which the kids think is hilarious (because it is!)  She can also say 'go', 'ba-ba' for bottle, 'up', 'bye', 'poop', 'momma', 'dada', 'gamma', 'nay-nay' for Natalie.  She can sign 'more' and 'milk'.  Everything she does is just too cute!  She has this darling little mouth that makes this little 'o' shape a lot.  She looks like the Gerber Baby.  She sings and dances a lot probably because she is happy most of the time!  Her and her sibling's giggles are the most precious sounds in the world!!  And we are blessed to hear a lot of laughter in this house.  But we also have just started to hear this pig-screeching noise coming from Emmy when she is mad.  She does have her moments of anger now where she doesn't want me because she is mad at me.  I've had to pat her hand for when, in her defiance, she throws her unwanted food on the floor.  For a short while, if we gently said 'no' she would start to cry from being heartbroken.  She was so sensitive!  And that's how it still is occasionally when we tell her 'no'.  But more often, she will stare us in the eye and deliberately disobey!  She seems too young to have this little attitude!  It's still cute, though!  She gets over it fast!

Emmy is such a joy to us!  We can't get enough of her chubby legs, kissable cheeks, her adorable personality, her sweet voice- whether she's singing soprano or screeching like swine.  She's everybody's baby.

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