Tuesday, July 9, 2013


ah summer... sometimes the thought alone makes me smile.  It has been a delightful summer so far.  Very comfortable temperatures, the occasional rain.  The garden is starting to yeild some produce, the kids enjoyed picking the strawberries from our own patch, we are all eating healthier and feeling great because of it.  The days are long, it's light out at 6ish a.m. We all rise early and go to bed way too late.  There's too much fun in a day for all of us to sleep the summer away.  We've been catching fireflies, basking in the kiddie pool, playing sports (soccer and badmitten mostly), just being together.  LOVE IT!  I just feel like summer is when so many memories are made.  When I think back on my childhood, I remember the summertimes more than anything.

To quote some lyrics from the lullabye, 'Five More Minutes' by Meaghan Smith (a favorite singer):

'fireflies glow for us
the cricket's orchestra
the night is awake
please don't make me
go to sleep
I'm not tired in the least
Five more minutes please.' 
shame on us!

Jordan is currently reading 'Harry Potter' at bedtime (voices and all!).

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  1. Great pictures, Lindsey! You have a beautiful family!