Saturday, July 20, 2013


warning: picture overload... I can't help myself! 

Our little Em is 8 months old now.  She is just scootin' everywhere these days, mostly on her tummy even though she knows how to crawl.  I think it's just easier on her little knees to scoot than crawl on the wood floors.  She has started to pull herself up in the crib and on furniture, and she can stand alone for a few seconds without falling.  Luckily since summer has arrived, her allergies seem to have disappeared.  For a while there, as soon as we'd step outside, her eyes would swell up and her nose would run.  So happy she's not miserable anymore.  She has 6 teeth and a good appetite; endless smiles and a lot of play in her.  At night she catches her second wind around 10:00 and attacks me.  She jumps, claps, naps, dances, laughs, sings, whispers, and shouts.  Somewhere around month 7 she said her first word: 'dada', and lately she says it when Jordan is near!  So sweet!  We can't get enough of her high pitched squeals, smiles, and giggles.  I think she knows her name because sometimes she wills herself not to look at me when I'm calling her and instead starts shuffling away from me as fast as she can, unable to contain her toothy grin!  Whether she knows what her real name is is unknown, we have taken to calling her 'Emma' just as much as Emmy, or the occasional 'Em'.  She still snuggles occasionally but I can tell that that's coming to an end :(  Time is flying by!  My little baby will be a toddler all too soon.  These baby days go by way too quickly and I daily remind myself of this.  Emma brings each of us joy all day long!  We just love her to pieces!!
6 months old
see emmy sniffle

charlie shared his cake with emmy on her half birthday

7 months old

8 months old

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