Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I'm going to be showcasing each of my littles over the next few posts since I don't feel like I'm sharing as much as I could be.  They are always changing, always cracking me up, and always keeping me busy.  By the time they are nestled in their beds, it's all I can do to keep my eyes open on the couch (let alone blog!)  But I am determined to post in detail about each one of them. 

My dear, Natalie!  Since I've last written about her, she has finished kindergarten!  She did so well!  Her final report card is full of 'ones' (which is the best out of 1,2, and 3!).  She adored her teacher, Karen Bos, and there were some tear-filled eyes on her way to school on the last day (her eyes and mine!)  On the last full day of school, Jordan, Emmy, and I brought in lunch for Natalie.  I loved being involved at school with her!  Seriously, so proud of all that she accomplished over the school year.

Natalie loves computer games and board games, she still loves art and is still amazing at it!  She is a total jokester and prankster.  Lately she is obsessed with people being 'in love'!  She giggles at the sight of a couple holding hands walking down our road!  And she squeals in delight if she catches Jordan kissing me!  Jordan and I had an argument the other day that really bothered Natalie at first until she came up with the idea to force us to say 'sorry' to each other.  Now I understand why the kids hate that so much!!  Natalie cracks us up all the time.  Even in her sleep.  She frequently talks in her sleep.  And she has vivid dreams that she tells us about in the morning.  But they're not always good.  And sometimes, she is really upset while she dreams so we try to wake her up. 

Six years ago, Natalie made me a mommy and has been an inspiration to me ever since!  We had a birthday party with some of Natalie's classmates to celebrate as well as a family party.  Much fun to be had as usual!  Happy birthday to my 'Freckles'.  Your family loves you so much!

Natalie did this all on her own!  I think her babysitters have been influencing her... they're 'Dux' too!

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