Saturday, July 20, 2013


I think Jordan is the only one who calls Charlie 'Chuck'.  But it's a nickname nonetheless.  Charlie is both all boy and all momma's boy.  And I'm hoping that never changes!  He is hilarious.  Whether it's a crazy dance move, a word, or a look, he knows what is going to make us laugh!  He loves to help Jordan with anything and he'll say in a deep 'manly' voice that he's 'going to work'.  Recently, I asked Charlie in the morning where daddy was and he told me 'he's at work, and it's not very fun'.  I'm always finding money in his jeans and the occasional truck or treasure (if he picks out his outfit for the day, it's always jeans).  When he knows we're going to church, he gets a button-up shirt on and asks, 'where's my bowtie' in that manly voice again.  He's all about guns, fireworks, garbage trucks, airplanes, and his butt!  He thinks butt cracks and farts are hilarious (and he's always got his buns creeping out of his 2T pants!) and he loves to push his sisters' buttons to make them mad!!  Charlie always has dirty feet and a dirty face!  I cannot keep him clean!  But then he's also a sweet momma's boy!  He'll bring me flowers or tell me I look beautiful.  He loves Emma and is always saying, 'Awww, cute!'.  If he finds a bottle of nail polish, he will paint each finger and every toe!  He loves me to rub his ears and scratch his head or cut his hair.  He sits as close as he can to me and we love to read books together.  Whenever he asks me to dance with him, I gladly drop everything I am doing to hold him as close as I can.  I feel like my girls will always be close to me, but I know that someday I won't be the #1 woman in Charlie's life. So for now, I must hold him as often I can.  He is almost 3 and for more than a month, he has been asking very frequently if it's his birthday yet, and he knows it's soon after Jordan's so he'll also ask if it's daddy's birthday yet.  Charlie ('Chuck'), you fill me with crazy emotions!  We love you so much!!


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