Sunday, December 30, 2012

christmas time

We started celebrating Christmas around here before Thanksgiving was here.  We've been listening to Christmas music since Halloween and a few days past Christmas, we're still listening to it.  I always wish that we could celebrate Christmas for an entire week.  I wish Jordan could have the whole week off and that we could have a party every other night or so.  But since we've been celebrating for so long, we have thoroughly enjoyed the season!  We've done lots of baking with the kids, slumber parties, Christmas music has been filling the house everyday, we've done crafts, Christmas movies, and we've partied!  We had a full 5 days leading up to Christmas with holiday baking, a wedding, and family parties.  The kids did so wonderful with it all.  And we enjoyed them so much!  Natalie got excited about Santa this year probably because of school, otherwise we've never really said much about him either way.  It was fun to play along though.  She wrote him a letter asking for a bow and arrow and he delivered!  Each year, my mom takes the grandkids shopping for a gift for the moms and dads. So this year, Natalie picked out a small Nutcracker for me and chocolate for Jordan!  Ruby also got Jordan chocolate and got me a small cupcake candle!  It is pretty hilarious to see what they think we will like!  And mom and dad Barkel went crazy with gifts once again!  Mom does stockings for us all and there were almost 120 stocking gifts alone!!  We're all pretty lucky... our moms love to shop! 

Ruby decorated the tree almost entirely by herself.  She was very deliberate about which ornament went where!

Jordan got a new tie from Natalie to wear to work!


Seriously...look at those presents!  And that's not even including the stockings!

Charlie was such a trooper with all of the parties.  His favorite gifts: airplanes and tools!

When she wasn't sleeping, Emmy enjoyed her first Christmas!
It's always a little sad when the last party is over and Christmas time is gone.  But now we wait to see what unexpected blessings the new year will bring.

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