Monday, December 24, 2012

christmas eve

It's Christmas Eve and I'm preparing for the next day.  Cutting up fruit, thinking about everything that needs to come with us to the party, thinking about what we will all wear.  Totally not preparing my heart for the big day.  I've loved this Christmas season.  Although we've only seen a tiny sprinkle of snow, I've definately been in the 'Christmas' spirit.  Decorating, caroling, eating, partying.  But of all times, I'm neglecting the reason for Christmas.  I haven't read my bible in a couple weeks, I've suddenly realized.  I've been so selfish.  I'm realizing that my joy has mostly been coming from the congregating of family and friends, not to mention the presents and the food.  And though I keep meaning to make time for Jesus, I still haven't.  So I'm not going to express my thoughts much more on here because I simply need to make room for Jesus.  More than 2000 years ago, most of the world slept through the coming of Christ.  There were so many who were lucky enough to witness the newborn baby Jesus but they missed the point.  They had no idea what they could have beheld.  But instead, they slept.  I've been missing the point and literally choosing to sleep instead of make time and room for Christ.  So as I sign off tonight at 11:43pm, I plan to dive into the word and try to comprehend as fully as I can the radical gift that God has given us and once again, make room for Christ.

Merry Christmas

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