Thursday, January 3, 2013

one hundred kisses

Our sweet Emmy is two months old already!  Time is seriously whizzing by me!  Emmy is an amazing baby.  She's a great eater and sleeper.  Pretty much content all the time.  Except for lately, as soon as Jordan comes home, she is a little fussy and he doesn't believe me that she's perfect during the day. It appears to be gas!  She is full of it all the time and doesn't seem to have any problems getting rid of it.  But at night, it makes her uncomfortable.  Either that or she is giving her daddy an earful the only way she knows how as if to say, 'thanks a lot for the gas-genes'.  Emmy gets me up just once, maybe twice, during the night to eat.  But we enjoy the quiet, uninterupted snuggle time.

And oh the places she has gone in her life already!  At 3 weeks old, she went on an overnight trip with me (plus my mom and sisters) to Schaumburg for a weekend of shopping.  And the next week, she went on the train to Chicago for our annual 'Christmas in Chicago' trip :)  A hearty shopper already!  She has also been out to her first movie (The Hobbit) which isn't something we ever did with our other babies nor will we again!  She was just getting into her fussy night stage so I think I had about one hours worth of standing and rocking her in the shadows (but I made sure no one heard a peep from her!)  Jordan and I have gotten many comments on Emmy when we've been out with her and most of them imply that this must be our first baby.  I usually just kind of go along with it but Jordan gets sick of people starting to give us advice so when he's around, he stops them short and makes sure that they know we have four and that this one is no big deal!  It's pretty funny actually!

From birth to about 4 weeks, she slept in her bassinet. I would park her in the living room during the night because her little noises would keep me up when she first slept in our room.  After one month, we moved her into her crib in big brother's room.  He must notice some of the extra noises, too since he ends up in our bed during the night.

The kids ADORE her.  They are quick to help out with her which is very helpful for me.  Other than one incident where Charlie accidently kinda stepped on the side of her head (*gasp*), we have had no issues with the 'new baby'.  And Charlie was so sad about that happening as he is always so gentle with her.  The kids are always in her face and she seriously must get one hundred kisses a day. 

Except from about 8-10p (fussy time!), she is all smiles when she's awake.  She is starting to do that silent, quick-laugh and is finding her voice.  She's also ticklish!  She is sleeping as I write this and I just want to get her out of bed to cuddle with her. 

Sweet babe, we could not love you any more!  When you smile, your eyes sparkle and when you sleep, you purr!  It doesn't get any better than that :)

emmy ellamae at 1 month old

and suddenly she's two months old.


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