Saturday, September 1, 2012

morning at the beach

I can feel that summer is on it's way out.  And with school starting, I've been trying to cram in all of the summer-only activities that I can!  Like the beach!  We had a playdate with church friends at the beach yesterday.  It. was. wonderful.  A gorgeous day, the water was nice enough and the air temp was perfect!  We got there early and I snapped some shots of the littles.  The beach was still empty at 9:30.  I'll have to get there at that time more often.  As with every year, I'm wondering why we didn't go to the beach more?!  Especially early when I can easily keep an eye on the kids.

 Something I love about both of the girls is that they always feel free to spontaneously sing or dance wherever they are!  They see life as a musical and I love that!

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