Thursday, September 20, 2012

summer twenty-twelve

Just thought I'd sum up some of  what we did this summer. 

Ruby learned to ride her bike just before summer began.
Natalie turned five.
4th of july.
Charlie turned two. 
Slip-n-slide fun.
Hot, hot, hot.
Jordan worked a lot.  Too much!
The beach... but not enough.
Drought!  Hottest summer in history.
Dwight and Vonnie's pool.
Garden.  Too many tomatoes.
Ice cream.
Hot, hot, hot.
Charlie potty training and doing great.
Natalie- bike-riding, friends, playing like an animal.
Ruby- princess, dresses, her own fantasy, bike-riding.
Charlie- terrible twos, talking so much!! Loves tools and trucks.  All boy.
An amazing summer!

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