Friday, August 31, 2012

pizza hut....and other happenings

We have been meaning to make it out to downtown Holland all summer.  We love to just stroll the down town as it is but the kids especially enjoy the street performers.  At last, we made it out there to the final night.  We had Pizza Hut for dinner which was quite possibly the highlight of my night!  It's my absolute favorite food and ever-biggest craving even when I'm not pregnant!  It's right up there with chocolate and french toast!  And spinach dip.  ... and anything with pesto or feta cheese.  mmmmmm. 

Where was I?  I also love a creamy tomato soup with breadsticks.  Bosco breadsticks are the best.  I used to eat those every single Thursday in high school for four years straight.  And then every Friday... I would eat pizza.  Pizza Hut makes the very best pizza!  We just ate there the other night.  Oh right, I already mentioned that!

So after Pizza Hut, we went downtown.  And almost immediately, we hit up the Peanut Store.  The kids could have stayed there all day drooling over everything. We let the kids each pick out one thing from the cheap bottom row.  Natalie picked out lemonheads, Ruby picked out one small Reeses' Pb Cup, Charlie wanted it all so we got a carton of cigarettes for him, Jordan got Sixlets, and I got Sour Patch Kids.  Then we walked.  We saw the famous juggler, a lady on stilts dressed up like a hippie butterfly who seemed to be down there just for a reason to walk on stilts but not to interact with the curious children, a hula-hooper with very short shorts, a mime who was making monkey noises, and an old man who (according to Natalie) 'sounds very good like Grandpa Jones.'  I ran into a store with Ruby who is my most favorite person to shop with... in short segments.  She oohed and ahhed over all the pretty things and told me what I should buy: a vintage coin purse, an oola (aka owl) pillow, a fancy dish towel, and a head band with an enormous piece of cake on it for her birthday.  I think I'll actually have to buy that last one for her.

We just enjoyed strolling along with each other and letting the kids run wild... until our wild monkey Charlie climbed up to the tree house in Tip Toes and I had to climb in there to get him out. And thus ended our family date night.

Charlie's first candy cigarette!

(lady on stilts)

the bump

Natalie performed, too.

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