Friday, August 31, 2012

jordan's firsts

August was a big month for Jordan.  Lots of firsts!  And I will list them :)

First on the list of firsts.... Jordan started a new job last week.  He had been at his former job for 9.5 years and has enjoyed it.  Just time for a change.  He is now doing finish carpentry for Zahn Builders.  The timing was so perfect and everything just fell into place.  When he began his job at Showcase (his former company), he bought a new hammer for the first day on the job.  And before he finished up on his final day, the hammer broke!  Weird, huh?!

Another first for Jordan was the Mud Run Race!  The kids and me watched him 'compete'.  It was so busy so it took him and his team a while to complete the 5k course.  But he had a good time getting down and dirty.

The final first, and the biggest deal of them all....  Jordan took his first school bus ride with me and Natalie!  Oh yeah, it was Natalie's first bus ride, too.  We had Natalie's kindergarten orientation last week.  She loved everything about it!  I was a little uneasy at first.  Natalie was sitting on her knees and peeking her head out of the window on the bus and I began to worry about her falling out and wondering how often that has happened.  Then I was worried about if she would have anyone to sit with.  And would she know where to go?  Would she get on the right bus in the afternoon?  We arrived at the school and brought her to her classroom.  The teachers yanked the kids out of the parents' arms and we were all herded into the auditorium.  It was a nice little meeting intended to put all of the parents' nerves at ease...and it worked!  Natalie is so excited to start.  I've been a little concerned about kindergarten being all day everyday now but I really think she'll do great.  I'm just really going to miss her :(   Oops, this post was supposed to be about Jordan, not Natalie!

So onto some pics of Jordan....

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