Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spring Flings....

In the busy month of May, we always attend...
First (and foremost) The Dandelion Festival in our hometown of Borculo! The girls had a blast this year playing on the bouncy/blow-up stuff and Natalie rode on a pony. They have the best parade and we got tons of candy! Jordan did the 5k run again this year and he takes great pride in the dandelion t-shirt he gets for running it :)

And then there's Tulip Time which we mostly enjoy for the junk food. Natalie and Ruby sported the dutch costumes and we went to a parade but it wasn't nearly as enjoyable for them as the Dandelion Parade! We didn't get 'official' Tulip Time pictures of them by some tulips because I know Ruby would have picked some... so here are the ones we did get:

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