Saturday, March 27, 2010


At 3:30 am on Friday, March 5 we left for Florida with the girls. We were hoping that they would sleep for a good portion that morning while we drove but they didn't fall asleep until 6. We drove until 5 pm to Atlanta, GA and we spent the night there. The next morning, we went to the Georgia Aquarium (the nation's largest). We had a good time there. They had everything you could imagine an aquarium having, including 4 huge sharks in HUGE aquariums. It was the best aquarium we'll ever go to but I think we just decided that aquariums aren't our thing. Nowadays, the discovery channel is top dog! But if you like Shedd's Aquarium in Chicago, this one will blow your mind (we never liked Shedd's much!)

After the aquarium, we headed on to Florida to stay with our good friends, Brian and Dorothy. We got to their house around 7. We were there for 6 days and had so much fun. We went to Daytona Beach one day, St. Augustine, shopping in Orlando, and Gemini Springs which is an awesome park in Orange City where Brian and Dorothy live. We also volunteered a day for Disney through Habitat for Humanity. What a joke! We were supposed to work for 4 hours. We were at this house for 2 hours and probably only accomplished a half an hour of work. It was very unorganized. And after 2 hours, the guy in charge said we could just go home since there wasn't anything left to do. And we got 2 free Disney tickets for it! So with those tickets, we decided to go to Disney Hollywood Studios. We were very thankful that we didn't pay to go there. There was just a lot of shopping and only 2 good rides to go on (which I didn't go on since I'm pregnant). We had had enough of the park after 4 1/2 hours. Wow, I sound like a downer!

We had 4 warm and sunny days and 2 rainy days. We left on Friday night and drove through the night. We got home 22 hours later on Saturday. The ride there and back could not have gone better with the girls. We had invested in tv/dvd players for the girls which was a big help. We had a great time! Brian and Dorothy were so good to us and there could not be a better couple to live with!

And here our some boring pictures. Our camera needed new batteries and we kept forgetting to pick some more up, so these are pretty much the only ones we got! They are in no particular order...

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