Tuesday, June 8, 2010

what's new with us....

I have been a bad blogger, I know. So here's me playing major catch-up on what's been going on in our lives.

These past 2 months have been expensive months for us....
First, our basement sort of flooded! And it wasn't from any natural disaster either! Jordan was doing a water change with his 90 gallon fish tank (which involves emptying the tank by about 30% and then refilling it with a hose) and it overflowed into the basement for about 3 HOURS! It was only by chance that he went down there when he did (3 HOURS LATER!) and discovered what had happened. Lucky for us, we had some friends over and recruited them to help. Half of the padding under the carpet was drenched so the guys ripped it out. Thanks to a bunch of fans and the shop-vac, we were able to dry the carpet over the next couple of days. We had a carpet man come to relay new padding and restretch the carpet. It only ended up setting us back about $300. I'm not blogging about this to make Jordan feel bad (because I know he felt bad enough) but more of just for the memory! And usually I'm the one to make stupid mistakes so I've gotta record this for future leverage :) And the reason none of my mistakes get recorded is because I'm the blogger and I can write what I want :)

Second, our washer died (and our dryer had been on its deathbed for about a year) so we invested in a new pair of front loading washer and dryer. With that came the 'remodel' of the laundry room that I have been anxiously awaiting for 4.5 years. And I am so happy with it! (Love my talented husband so much!)

Third, Natalie dropped our laptop so we had to invest in a new hard-drive... and then I dropped it like a week later but our friend Best Buy was kind to us and let us exchange it for another one! (There. There's a stupid mistake of mine!

So what's new with the girls... and the fetus!

Natalie will be 3 soon and she is such a teaser! Lately, she loves to play with barbies, ride her bike, swing on her new swingset Jordan built, and she is always singing (either 'Jesus songs' or made up songs about what she is doing!) Between Natalie and Jordan bellowing songs out, sometimes I feel like I'm living in a musical! Natalie's favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast so she loves to dress up in a (Snow White) costume and twirl around like Belle while singing. We've been having some attitude problems with Natalie off and on... I can never figure her out! Natalie loves to read her Bible and she is constantly talking about Jesus and God... it is so rewarding to see that at such an early age! It brings new meaning to the phrase 'faith like a child'. And her prayers are so precious and heartfelt! I can't believe she's going to be three!

Ruby is 19 months old now and such a hoot. She has changed so much since the last time I blogged 2 months ago. Somehow, she went from a full-time sweetheart to a wild child! She's so boisterous and rowdy... just a whole new person! Ruby is stubborn. She needs the occasional spankin' but she is unmoved by it. We'll tell her to stop and she will stare us down and say a firm 'no'. If we didn't go through that a hundred times a day, it would still make me laugh! She has this new little language that we can't figure out but she knows exactly what she's saying! Ruby stills likes to cuddle sometimes and I love that! I have definately babied her more than I did Natalie. Natalie or I will do the 'thumbs up' and Ruby crosses her index and middle fingers and thinks she's doing it (but it looks more like a gang sign!) Ruby also likes to sing and dance, and she loves to play with her babies! And it's funny when Jordan prays at dinner time, Ruby will cover her eyes and peek at us and mumble along as Jordan prays! Too cute :) I'm hoping to get Ruby semi-potty trained by the next baby. She's interested in sitting on the toilet but she hasn't ever gone on it yet.

Between these two girls, we have a lot of drama! Ruby is tough and brutal and a pincher, Natalie is sensitive and hot-tempered and a hitter! It's a challenge to know how to deal with their misbehavings. I can get stressed sometimes about not knowing the best way to handle them. At the same time, I just love each of the stages they are in and I just LOVE them! They both are so playful and they love to laugh!!

Baby #3 is doing well also. I really think this one is a boy (we didn't find out this time). This pregnancy has been completely different: I never had the morning sickness, I get heartburn daily, I think I'm carrying this one more out in the front than with the girls, and the baby's heartbeat is about 20 beats slower than the girls' heartbeats. So let's just call this baby 'he' for now :) I have 7 weeks left and I feel like I need all the time I can get before this baby comes! We're unsure of whether or not this will be our last baby so part of me never wants the pregnancy to end!! I think I actually love being pregnant in spite of how uncomfortable I am, how hard it is to sleep, and the occasional charlie horse in my leg that I only get when I'm pregnant (and the heartburn, and clothes not fitting...!). But it saddens me to think that this could be it! I love to feel 'him' moving inside me. It never gets old! He is a VERY active little bugger! I'm so excited to meet him (or her)!!

Jordan has been keeping busy at work which is such a blessing! We've been going to Engedi church for a year now and we couldn't be happier there! And every Memorial Day weekend marks the anniversary of our first date! This year was our SEVENTH anniversary! I cannot believe how fast time goes! I wish I could do it all over again. And these have definately been the very BEST years of my life! I think they will forever be the most life-changing years for us!

Is that enough of an update for one post?!


  1. you have been busy! it's fun to watch your girls grow :) can't wait for the third!

    just wanted to let you know my blog has changed addresses. it is now barefoot-adventures.blogspot.com

  2. I found your blog, guys! What fun to read! I'm green with envy over that new laundry room - what a talented hubby you have! ;) The girls sound like their personalities are shining forth ~ keep praying, laughing, being firm at times, setting limits, and giving all the hugs and kisses. You are wonderful parents!
    We're anxious to see you all (? I hope!) at g'pa Barkel's birthday gathering!