Saturday, August 1, 2009

elston wedding

Last night, we had our last wedding of the year to go to: Nate and Vanessa's. It was an outdoor wedding and reception and Vanessa did a beautiful job with it all. We had a great time. Natalie was the flower girl so I'll be posting a lot of pictures of her in all her glory! We got to the wedding site and got Natalie ready. I put on her white dress and her shoes and wouldn't ya know, lil'-ol'-sentimental-me got a wee bit emotional thinking that 20 or so years from now, I'll probably be helping Natalie get dressed for her own wedding (hopefully she won't still be in diapers!) We practiced walking down the aisle many times before the ceremony and she did ok except for she didn't really want to acknowledge the ringbearer. We tried to get some pictures of Natalie with the bride and groom but she didn't want anything to do with that either. She was really shy with everything at first but she warmed up a lot as the night went on. All in all, she did really well. When it came time for her to walk down the aisle for the real thing, I let go of her and Grant's hands at the beginning of the aisle and she sat down and started to get mad. And I definately didn't want her to throw one of her fits, so I walked down with her. I really was hoping that it wouldn't come to that but it was such a relaxed ceremony that it wasn't a big deal. Natalie did awesome with being quiet during the ceremony (big sigh of relief there!) So here are some pictures of the night.

...warming up to each other over a bag of chips.

I liked how this picture of Jordan turned out with the sunrays shining down on him. It reminds me of the first time I ever saw him and I heard angelic voices sweetly singing, 'ahhhhh' ....just kidding :)

You can just feel the love that Nate and Vanessa have for each other when you are around them. They have been together for 8 years already! I'm sure that they will have a fun and adventurous marriage together and we pray that God will give them many years together. Congrats, you two!

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  1. Oh are so beautiful!!! How fun!! I was the same when when Megan & Eddie got just start daydreaming!! :)