Monday, August 10, 2009

our two day getaway

Jordan ended up getting Thursday and Friday off this past weekend so we set up a trip to Chicago. We love, love, love Chicago! I started looking for a hotel and found one for $98! Woohoo! We are cheap, if you haven't already figured us out! It was the Red Roof Inn on the mile. Three years ago, Jordan and I did a few nights in Chicago and I was pretty certain that this was where we had stayed and we had really liked it the last time. More on the hotel later....

We also decided that we would drive to Michigan City and board the South Shoreline train. We figured that after paying gas to Chicago and parking for 2 days and driving to a museum and parking there, we'd be dropping close to 100 bucks! The train only cost us $31 round trip for both of us! Again, we are cheap!

So when we got in town, we went to our hotel and walking up to it, we thought, "hmm, this doesn't look as nice from the outside as we remember it." And when we got inside, we thought, "hmm, this doesn't look as nice from the inside as we remember it." And when we got into our closet sized room we thought, "hmm, this is not at all how we remember it!" The hotel we stayed at 3 years ago had a nice roof to lounge on with a great view so we thought we'd check it out to see if that had changed. We went to a door that signaled 'stairs' and opened it but it turned out to be stairs for staff and emergencies only. "Hmm... where the heck is the hotel we stayed at last time?" (How's that for making a short story long?!) I guess you get what you pay for and at the end of our stay we decided that we were glad we didn't book a nicer, more expensive hotel since we were only in our room for about 6 hours!! Again, we are so cheap!
Our main reason for going to Chicago was to see the Harry Potter Exhibit. That's right, think what you want, we are major HP fans!! The exhibit was awesome!! There were literally hundreds of different relics from all of the movies. So cool and I highly recommend seeing it while it's still here if you are an HP fan.

Pics of us:

We basically shopped for the remainder of our stay and enjoyed eating out (without the girls). Jordan and I even went clubbin'! We had a little picnic by the water at midnight with wine and doughnut holes (which were stale so we gave them to the homeless men crowded in the church entrance) and we walked around some more after we left 'Howl at the Moon'. Jordan insisted on taking some crazy pictures to show how empty the streets of Chicago are in the middle of the night. I forwarned him that they may show up on the blog.... Here are some of them:

Jordan... acting homeless

Jordan... proving how deserted it is at 3am on a Thursday night in downtown Chicago! (Meet my husband!)

We had such a blast and it was so great to get away! The girls stayed with my sister and she said it couldn't have gone better, which is amazing because usually Natalie and Briella can't go an hour without fighting! By the end of the trip, we realized that it was the Inn of Chicago that we stayed at together 3 years ago... a much better choice than the piece of junk we stayed at (sorry Red Roof Inn!).


  1. How fun! I will never be able to look at Jordan again without laughing! Lovely pictures! Are you coming tomorrow?

  2. AHHHHHH!! JORDAN....that's hilarious!!