Saturday, May 9, 2009

riverbank 5k

Today was the day that I've been training myself for (up until about 4 weeks ago, that is). Jordan and I ran the Fifth-Third Riverbank 5k Run. It started at 7:30 so we got up bright and early and headed to GR. It didn't take long for us to find a parking spot and a good one at that! We were both a little leary (sp?) about running in the morning because both of us run best at night. I ran the whole way (which I was super excited about) and Jordan ran most of the way. Jordan has had problems with his knee and was doing fine until about 2.5 miles. Then it really hurt him so he had to walk. I turned back to look for him and saw him behind me walking and thought "aww.... what do I do - walk with him or run?" Then I thought, "what would Jordan do?" I ran, sprinted actually, the last 1/4 mile. I broke my own record. The longest distance I've ever ran straight without stopping is 2.5 miles on the treadmill. My time was 31:53 and Jordan's was 32:02. I was thrilled with that time because I've really been slacking on running lately. It started to rain just minutes after we got done too, so we were grateful that it held off before that. So then, Jordan and I were getting into our van to leave and were bragging to each other about our wonderful (free) parking space and started to drive and realized we were blocked in.... the race route was all around us!! No worries though, a nice (cute) policeman let us through the yellow tape when there was a gap! So we had a good time and plan on doing more runs throughout the year. We were thinking of making it a goal to do the half marathon (I think?) in Chicago in September but we're not sure if we'll be able to work up to that. We did just buy a double jogging stroller and are hoping that it encourages us to run more.... We'll see! So here's some pics:


  1. Nice work guys!!!! Excellent time Lindsey!!! So proud of you both! I see the 10K next year with us!!! :)

  2. hehe WWJD? AWESOME that you beat your own record! Congrats!! :) That's really neat that you both can run and do a race together. :)

  3. thats awesome lindsey!! i hope you keep it up! let me know if you run another race around here... i'll come cheer you on :)