Tuesday, May 5, 2009

funny moment

So I was painting that cabinet (remember the one that Jordan and I hauled up from the workshop in the basement....'pivot'!) and Natalie and Ruby were both playing and talking/babbling to each other. They sounded so cute and like they were actually carrying on a conversation. Natalie just got a new (old) rocking horse and I heard her get on him and Ruby was starting to get mad that Natalie wasn't paying anymore attention to her. So I decided to take a break from painting to give my girls some attention and I found Natalie butt naked on her horsie. She had taken all of her clothes and her diaper off. I was laughing and Natalie would hold her head back and laugh with her eyes shut like she was soo funny. I took some pictures and they turned out super cute but because there are so many sickos on the world wide web, I've decided I shouldn't post any.

Natalie was so hyper tonight. She is as fun as can be and a little chatter box. I can't believe how many words she knows. But she is almost 2. It just seems like she was just 6 months like Ruby is. Ruby is happy as always. Everyone says that she's the most smiley baby they've ever met. She's almost sitting up on her own and she's got 2 bottom teeth. She sleeps awesome and isn't spazing out when we leave her with babysitters, like she used to. But she's stilll a momma's girl. Jordan's and my love deepens for those girls everyday.

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