Monday, November 3, 2008

Welcome Ruby!!

Ruby Louise Barkel has finally arrived!! And she's already 6 days old :(. I've been meaning to write about her but I wanted to post pictures and I can't find my usb cord, so they'll come later. I was induced on Wednesday at 7:00 after a few hard contractions, I got the epidural an hour later, and at 11:24 she arrived! Talk about an easy labor, it was awesome!

So Ruby was eight pounds, nine ounces and 20 1/2 inches long. She has dark brown hair, darker complected skin, and blue eyes. She looks just like her daddy!! Hopefully it stays that way! Once again, we went to the hospital with a bunch of names but she looked the most like a Ruby. Louise is after Jordan's amazing grandma.

Natalie loves Ruby so much. No jealousy issues so far. When Natalie came to visit for the first time, she gave Ruby kisses and just kept saying "baby!" Both girls have been keeping me busy. Ruby eats about every 2 hours and I've been trying to give Natalie attention yet, too. I can't believe how old Natalie seems to me all of a sudden. Not only is she huge (compared to Ruby), but just so smart. She's such a little mother to her. Natalie is strong-willed and I find myself arguing with her already. I'm not always able to just snatch her up and away anymore when she's doing something naughty so I'll say, "come here" or "stop" and she'll shake her head and tell me "no". It's kind of cute because she understands and she's going to have it her way but it might be a challenge! So far, things have been going well with having 2 kids. Although, for now, Ruby sleeps a lot. Also, I haven't even had to make dinner yet! We are so blessed with great family and friends and the meals just keep coming in!! Thanks everyone!

I'm so happy that Ruby is finally here, that the labor went good, and that she is a healthy baby. It's overwhelming to have 2 kids in so many ways but I think mostly in the way that I love them both so much! There is no other feeling like it! We are so blessed!!

Welcome to our family, Ruby Louise! We love you!


  1. Seriously Linds! I got so excited to see that you posted and then there are NO pictures!!!! I still don't know what this cutie looks like! I guess I will have to come and visit VERY soon!!!!! Miss seeing you!

  2. Congratulations Lindsey! It's great to hear that everything went so well... enjoy all these moments with your girls! Can't wait to see you guys.