Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Pics

Ruby seems to change a little everyday. She's awake a lot more now and she's been sleeping better at night. On Friday, she was 3 weeks and 2 days old and she rolled over from stomach to back! Natalie was 6 weeks when she did that so I was quite shocked! Ruby seems very strong already. She lifts her head good and pulls herself up to sitting position while holding onto my fingers. And twice now when I'm talking to her she has smiled at it can't mean gas! She'll be 4 weeks on Wednesday already. I can't believe that I thought being 4 days overdue was such a long time to wait for her! Where has the time gone now?!

Natalie helps feed her a bottle every once in a while. I'm actually nursing but Ruby takes a bottle so well that I make one up every now and then for daddy or Naynay to feed her. Natalie's got her pinchers out and is going in to "honk" Ruby's nose!


  1. She's absolutely gorgeous Lindsey! I bet you're loving every minute of this. How fun to see the girls together.... sisters definitely have a special bond:)

  2. What a pumpkin both Ruby and Natalie are!! So glad you got pictures up! I love the one with Natalie feeding Ruby...can't wait to see the girls again soon!